Skirting for heating pipes: great coverage

In many old buildings, heating pipes still run along the wall - to cover these unsightly pipes, there are special baseboards. Even baseboard channels may be eligible for this. What's here and where to get it, read here.

Skirting channel versus pipe lining

For the private sector, there are usually so-called pipe linings - baseboards, which are specially made to cover along the wall running heating pipes.

Theoretically, it is also possible to use cladding systems for the commercial sector, which, however, are visually more reminiscent of large cable channels and are usually only available in plain white. An interesting combination system for heating cover and cable laying comes from the manufacturer Rehau AG.

In contrast, private-sector pipe-lining systems can be found in almost all common plastic decors for baseboards. But they are usually a bit more expensive and in some cases a little less easy to mount than ordinary baseboards.

Advantages of plastic skirting boards for heating pipes

  • make open heating pipes simply invisible
  • stable, in commercial systems can even be mounted sockets
  • not only as a cover for the heating pipes, but also used as a cable duct


The strips, which are intended for the private sector, are often up to 8 EUR per linear meter - commercial systems are here but sometimes much cheaper.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • The well-known manufacturer offers its own system for covering heating pipes as well as for laying cables in the commercial sector.
  • Also in the Amazon Baumarkt there are some offers.
  • The shop also offers, among other things, pipe trim strips for the private sector in many decors.

That way you can save costs

The simpler commercial systems are not so nice, but usually cheaper and often very stable. If you want a more visually pleasing solution, you usually have to resort to the more expensive home-based pipe lining systems.

Tips & Tricks

Also ask specific providers of baseboards, if they do not have pipe linings on offer. Often there are also special baseboards with sufficient depth for you. Otherwise, you may also be able to switch to a suitable wood paneling, if that lends itself.

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