Skirting made of plastic: easy and cheap

Much cheaper than stainless steel baseboards or baseboards made of real wood is the simple, proven plastic variant. What this product knows, what it costs and where you can get it on the internet can be found in this post.

Plastic strips: simple but functional

Unlike the more design-oriented metal or solid wood strips, plastic strips are a rather unobtrusive alternative. But they are extremely functional.

They are available in very different designs, many different colors and also in wood-like decors. This plastic strips are also a very flexible way.

They are also the classic alternative, especially in conjunction with cheaper floor coverings where an expensive skirting board would also be inappropriate.

Plastic strips can either be glued, stapled or fastened with clips. There are also corner connectors - but not always with all last models.

The most important advantage is that most plastic strips can also carry a cable. This makes it easy to lay cables invisibly along the wall - even later. This advantage offers no other last type.

Advantages of plastic baseboards

  • They are simple and inexpensive, and rather inconspicuous
  • they can be attached in different ways
  • you can also record a cable
  • As well as metal moldings, they also frequently hold cleaning well


Priced plastic strips are usually well below the other materials - even more expensive designs cost little more than 2.50 EUR per meter - stainless steel after all, more than four times as much. There are even simpler bars for some offers even for 0.60 to 0.70 EUR per meter.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • Large online shop with a comprehensive range of bars made of all sorts of materials, many designs.
  • The Amazon hardware store offers a very large selection of different dealers in almost all building materials, besides, it is often very interesting in terms of price.
  • The specialist for all last, also with its own outlet. Simple strips are available here from just 0.62 EUR.

That way you can save costs

If you are just looking for a simple plastic strip without special design, then you can hardly save anything at the already very low costs. For the more elaborate designs or decors, however, a comparison is often worthwhile.

Tips & Tricks

For miter cuts, use a so-called miter box and a simple, suitable hand saw. This usually works best.

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