Stick baseboards easily and efficiently

Many do-it-yourselfers know this: after work such as painting, wallpapering or floor tiles, new baseboards were installed. At the beginning everything looked great, but within a short time more and more parts of the floor moldings are loosened or torn because they were nailed. Below you will find tips on how you can stick skirting boards easily and yet sustainably.

Techniques for fixing baseboards

Skirting boards are no longer indispensable for a floor, they provide the final visual finishing touch, so to speak. To attach the baseboards you have different methods to choose from.

  • Nail baseboards
  • Dowel skirting boards
  • Glue on skirting boards

Disadvantages of screwing and nailing skirting boards

The nailing of baseboards was especially done earlier with small steel pins. As a fashionable trend, but also because of the good stop, firmly anchored baseboards have always prevailed. But regardless of whether nailed or screwed, these fastening techniques for the strips also have disadvantages.

  • Drill dowel holes in the wall
  • Steel pins do not hold properly in the wall
  • the baseboards tear when nailing or screwing

Gluing skirting boards

The opposite is the gluing of baseboards. But gluing skirting is not the same sticking.

  • stick with assembly adhesive
  • bonding of contact adhesives (similar to two-component adhesives)
  • stick with hot glue
  • stick with double sided tape

Glue skirting boards with assembly adhesive

Gluing the baseboards with assembly adhesives is widespread. The glue is easy to apply and is characterized by long service life, so it is really stuck. Again, many of the monthly adhesives are easy to remove by using a spatula between the wall and skirting board. This allows you to easily use the baseboards again. However, you should really pay attention to high-quality products in the assembly adhesives. Matching adhesives include, for example, Pattex's assembly adhesive or Silisto's skirting adhesive.

Glue skirting boards with special contact adhesives

Contact adhesives are also assembly adhesives, but they are applied slightly differently. If the pure assembly adhesive is only applied to the back of the skirting board, you will have to apply adhesive to the contact adhesive next to the baseboard back and the corresponding wall surface.

Fasten baseboards with hot glue

Hot-melt adhesives are particularly useful when you need high adhesion, for example in damp rooms such as bathrooms. Even on tiled surfaces hot melt adhesive is excellent in its adhesive properties. On the other hand, however, the adhesive can develop such a high adhesive force that particularly filigree, easily breakable baseboards can no longer be used after the attempted disassembly. A suitable product for skirtings, for example, is the set of UHU or the higher-quality hot glue gun from Bosch.

Adhesive tapes for fixing end strips

As an alternative to all these techniques, double-sided adhesive tapes are also available. They should definitely be applied in the entire width of the skirting board. Watch out for tapes that are high quality. Only then can they guarantee a high adhesive power. The company Scotch sells a corresponding baseboard adhesive tape.

On the underground it depends

Regardless, these tapes do not last on any surface. In particular, very heavy or chalking wall surface can cause you great difficulties, as well as wet walls. On tiles, on the other hand, the baseboards stick well even in damp rooms.

Tips & Tricks

The nature of the surface to be covered plays a prominent role, because not every adhesive on every surface can develop its full adhesive power. You can find an optimal skirting adhesive for each individual application.

Choose mounting adhesive according to their high quality. High-quality and well-adhesive assembly adhesives include neoprene adhesive. Even at stair nooks holds this mounting adhesive excellent.

You can use special skirting tapes for the adhesive tapes.

Not only baseboards are modern. Stucco plaster moldings are also extremely popular. Accordingly, you will also find items for attaching stucco moldings and other components and elements.

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