Install skirting boards firmly

Skirting boards have long been an integral part of the wall finishing of floors. When mounting the baseboards, there are various techniques available. Below you will find useful information on the clean and above all secure mounting of baseboards.

Skirting boards are used in many ways

Especially with wooden or parquet floors baseboards are always mounted as a conclusion. But even with carpets or wallpapered walls, they are to be found as a conclusion. While the particular substrate can be very versatile, mounting is limited to a few techniques.

  • Mount using steel pins
  • Attach by screws
  • Use of mounting adhesive for attachment

Mounting with glue

In the meantime, bonding with assembly adhesive is the most common method of installing skirting boards. Depending on the adhesive used, the strips are more or less firm and can also be effortlessly mounted in wet rooms such as bathrooms.

Glue for baseboards is usually in cartridges

Above all, the right amount of glue is important. Assembly adhesive for baseboards are usually offered in cartridges for silicone spraying. You can follow the instructions on the cartridge when applying the adhesive, but may also deviate from it.

Advantages of skirting board mounting with glue

This is especially useful if the ground is a bit problematic. That in turn can mean different properties.

  • chalking underground
  • sanding plaster
  • strong absorbent plaster
  • very smooth surfaces like tiles

Applying the glue

It is best if, depending on the skirting board width (bearing surface on the wall), you spray on a bead that is slightly less than one third of the overall width in diameter. You can then apply the bead centrally on the groin.

Also, with less glue on the skirting board assembly, spray a much thinner bead in an even waveform from one side to the other. As a further option, and with even less glue required, you can point at a distance of centimeters (or even greater) to crossbars.

The editing and cutting of baseboards

For further processing, you also need at least one miter box, but even better a miter saw. Then you cut the joint at the corners at a 45-degree angle. Note, however, that inside corners (conventional room corners) are sawed exactly opposite from outside corners (for example, protrusions, chimneys).

Fix the baseboards long enough after installation

To keep the strip adhering as long as the glue has not set, you can push objects such as a hammer, stone, tile, or bottle against the strip. This may be necessary, as some adhesive for baseboards have very long curing times. Alternatively, you can fix the strips when mounting but also with some small steel pins.

Special skirting boards

On shutters such as windows or door frames you do not have to force yourself flush and lock on push. In particular, if the conclusion is uneven at these elements. Then you can inject between the bar and frame or window frame some acrylic in the color of the bar.

Tips & Tricks

Which method of skirting you use depends on the circumstances and your taste. In particular screwed baseboards can once again set special accents. If you want to mount baseboards with adhesives, different systems are available. In the house journal you will find detailed articles about baseboards gluing with these different adhesives.

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