Skirting channel for heating pipes: that works too

Heating pipes running along the wall are not very nice - but they can easily be covered with a suitable baseboard channel. Some models also offer an additional large cable channel.

For commercial and some old buildings

Not only in the commercial sector, but also in some old buildings, the heating pipes still run open along the wall. This is not particularly attractive visually, but with a baseboard channel that can be changed quickly.

Many of these baseboard channels are actually intended for the commercial sector to accommodate a larger amount of data cables. One of these systems, from the manufacturer Rehau AG, even combines both functionalities: the covering of heating pipes and the laying of cables.

For the private sector, there are only a few bars, but hardly complete systems, as a rule, must be resorted to what is offered for the commercial sector. Usually this means: white, simple and stable.

Advantages of plastic skirting boards for heating pipes

  • easy way to make heating pipes invisible
  • almost always so stable that even sockets can be mounted on it
  • in addition to the cover of the heating pipes also usable as a cable duct


Price wise, the individual systems are very different - and it always depends on where you buy them. For the private sector you usually have to go from about 8 EUR per meter, in the professional field, there are usually system prices.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • The well-known manufacturer offers a self-developed combination system for covering both heating pipes and cable laying
  • The Amazon hardware store also offers a wide selection of baseboards with cable channels.
  • The supplier of electrical accessories also offers some baseboard channels for commercial and private use.
  • The supplier also offers, among other things, pipe trim strips.

That way you can save costs

If you are only concerned with the pipe lining, you can choose the simple pipe cover strips - which are usually more beautiful than skirting boards for the commercial sector. In terms of price, however, they can often be more expensive than some systems. Here then decides the optics.

Tips & Tricks

Just ask the individual providers if they do not have pipe linings on offer. Often there is something suitable.

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