Skylight windows - prices and differences

The skylight is usually a smaller window that is mounted above a fixed casement or above a door. This skylight window makes it possible to ventilate and makes it more difficult for burglars to reach the apartment when the window is tilted. The prices for skylight windows and how the windows differ are shown here.

Skylight window - definition

By definition, a skylight window always sits on another window or door. But in fact the term is also used for first windows and skylights. Since the term is used for completely different types of windows, you now have to choose your window. The sample prices shown in this article are each for a true skylight window.

Construction and combination

Today skylight windows are usually not structurally separate from the windows below. So we have noted here the complete price, which the skylight costs as a fixed element or as a tilting window with a fixed window underneath. For comparison, we show the price of a window without skylight in the same size.

  • fixed window without skylight - 100 x 150 cm - 200 EUR
  • fixed window with skylight fixed - 50 cm high - 100 x 150 cm - 270 EUR
  • fixed window with skylight tiltable - 50 cm high - 100 x 150 cm - 390 EUR
  • fixed window without skylight - 200 x 220 cm - 470 EUR
  • fixed window with skylight fixed - 70 cm high - 200 x 220 cm - 430 EUR
  • fixed window with skylight tiltable - 70 cm high - 200 x 220 cm - 620 EUR

Big slices

If you are wondering why the 200 x 220 centimeter window with a fixed skylight is cheaper than the comparison window, this is due to the size of the window. Thanks to the intermediate bridge for the skylight, two significantly smaller windows can be installed. As a result, the window becomes even cheaper.

Tips & Tricks

Especially on the ground floor are fixed casement with a matching skylight window to open. Today, even when you are at home, you can barely ventilate the ground floor for a long time without fear of a burglar. With the skylight it will at least be harder for him to get into the house, as this can not be completely opened.

However, you should not combine a skylight window to open with a window that can also be opened. Then you'll even make the burglar's job easier.

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