Slatted base comparison 2018

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  • A slatted frame not only makes the spine of the sleeper well and provides comfort, but also prevents mold growth below the mattress.
  • There are different types of slatted frames: square gratings, rolling grates, adjustable and fixed slatted frames, electric and manual slatted frames, grates with and without lying areas, XXL grates and mixed forms.
  • When buying a slatted frame, it comes u.a. on your sleep preferences, but also material, dimensions and the number of plates, strips and reclining areas play an important role.

Slatted base comparison 2018: comparison

We oversleep about a third of our lifetime and it would be a pity if this brings back pain, neck problems or tension permanently. The basis for one healthy sleep is the perfect combination of slatted frame, mattress and bed frame.

How to find the best slatted frame for yourself and whether it fits to your mattress and in your bed frame, you will find in our Slatted base comparison 2018, We'll show you the features that characterize the different slatted frame types and explain what to look for when buying maximum sleeping comfort to guarantee.

1. Relaxed instead of braced: Why a slatted frame?

History of the slatted frame

The Swiss Hugo Degen, engineer, and Karl Thomas, a German furniture carpenter, are considered the inventors of the slatted frames since they 1957 Beds on wooden slats constructions built. Previously, they put on wire and steel. Her slatted frames called Degen and Thomas Lattoflex.

It is said that those who want to sleep comfortably need a slatted frame - but is that true? A slatted frame distributes the body weight of the sleeper so that the back is relieved as much as possible during sleep.

Incidentally, in the case of a waterbed, the water replaces the function of the slatted frame. If you have ever slept on a folding couch or in a camper bed, then you may have also woken up with aching body parts - a part of the body is relaxed, the rest braced.

Slatted frames can ensure that the spinal column of the sleeping person in the natural S-shape, insofar as one is a dormouse. In side-sleepers, the spine ideally remains horizontal.

Slatted base comparison 2018: slatted

For side sleepers is suitable Plate slatted very good, since the Spine forming a straight line can, insofar as the lying areas have been set correctly.

The best mattress is of no use to the sleeping person if the lower suspension, ie the slatted base, is inferior or not at all available. There are people who dispense with a slatted frame And sleep on a mattress, but it is not healthy, experts say, because one sleeps directly on the source, the floor. Furthermore, this can be theFormation of mold favor, because the air between the mattress and the floor can not circulate when there is no slatted frame between them.

2. Slatted frames are available in different variants

They can differ in size, in material, in the number of lying zones or in the functionality or the possibility of adjustment. Exist here great differences in quality.

In the following table we would like to introduce you to the different slatted frame variants with their properties:

Slatted Categorydescription

Slatted base comparison 2018: slatted

  • simplest form of slatted frames
  • are rolled out in bed
  • usually consist only of individual slats, which are connected by a band
  • it can be done no individual settings to adjust the rust to the body (no sleeping zones, not adjustable)
  • less suspension as a standard slatted base
  • ideal for guest beds, as zusammenroll- and easy to stow away
  • is made entirely of wood, therefore for metal allergies suitable
Standard slatted

Slatted base comparison 2018: slatted

  • the slats are slightly bent and surrounded by a frame (also asSlatted designated)
  • the more slats, the higher the comfort and the quality (it is said at least 25 slats should have a standard slatted base)
  • sometimes arein the shoulder and / or hip area two slats connected with so-called soft tensioners, which you can move
  • supports body only in the transverse direction
  • no support of the body at the edge of the bed; Suspension only optimally in bed center
  • the slats can spring a bit and give way as well adapt to the pressure zones of the body
  • with soft tensions can beto adjusthow strong the slats the body weight give in should
flexible slatted frame

Slatted base comparison 2018: frame

  • is adjustable;In most cases, both the head and the foot can be lifted (the adjustment works electrically or manually)
  • Often the slatted frame has at least four different ones resting zones
  • supports body only in the transverse direction
  • no support of the body at the edge of the bed; Suspension only optimally in bed center
  • on the rust can be different Adjust load zones individually
  • The mattress must be movable, otherwise the flexibility of the grate will have no effect
Plate slatted

Slatted base comparison 2018: slatted

  • the slats serve here only as a carrier for plates made of plastic and the mattress rests on the plates
  • There are five or six plates per lath, whereby each plate individually movable is
  • there are both with the plate slat grates rigid as well as one flexible variantin which, for example, the head and foot sections can be adjusted; There are also plate-slat slats
  • not suitable for the severely overweight or people who prefer a hard surface
  • a plate spring rust offers the largest customization optionsbecause only a single plate reacts to loads instead of a whole bar
  • supports the body both in the transverse and in the longitudinal direction
hybrid form

Slatted base comparison 2018: frame

  • Combination of plates and bars
  • Plate elements are, for example. only in the shoulder or pelvic area of the slatted frame, the rest consists of slats
  • here too there are fixed and flexible slatted frame variants

3. Purchase advice for slatted frames

3.1. Which slatted frame type is suitable?

In the second point of our slatted frame test you could see that there are many different types of slatted frames. Flexible slatted frames and plate slats are also available with motor. These electric slats usually have a remote control with which you can control in which position head and foot should stand.

We have you the Advantages and disadvantages of electric bed bases compiled:

  • Lying position can be flexibly adjusted (up to the seat frame), without having to leave the bed
  • easy to operate via a wired console or remote control
  • Ideal for physically handicapped people (eg seniors)
  • expandable with massage kits
  • requires electricity
  • more space is needed underneath the bed (the motors need up to 13 cm of air under the slatted frame, unless you buy a model with extra flat motor)
  • often more expensive than conventional slatted frames

Whichever rust variant your slatted test winner belongs to, you should also decide afterwards what your sleeping preferences will look like:

  • Plate slatted: for people who prefer a soft sleeping pad
  • Standard slatted (flexible or fixed), Slats: for people who like to sleep on a harder ground

3.2. What size should the slatted frame have?

Slatted base comparison 2018: comparison

Also gratings (here from Best For You) are available in different sizes.

Most slatted manufacturers offer their models in different sizes. Often it is the usual standard dimensions, which also play a role in bedsteads and mattresses.

Before you buy a slatted frame, you should first of all the Measure the size of your bed frame or mattress, If a slatted frame is too small, it can not sit firmly on the bed frame and slip down with every movement. If the grid is too big, it will not fit in the bed frame.

Note for roller grates: It is up to you whether you like the rust fasten with screws in the bed frame, which then eliminates the advantage of the practical stowage of Rollrosten. An attachment would prevent the rust from slipping. In particular, if you do not tighten it, you should make sure that the grate fits exactly into the bed frame.

Common Slatted frame sizesthat are commercially available:

  • 80 x 190 cm / 90 x 190 cm / 100 x 190 cm / 140 x 190 cm
  • 80 x 200 cm / 90 x 200 cm / 100 x 200 cm / 120 x 200 cm / 140 x 200 cm
  • Special sizes: 80 x 210 cm / 90 - 140 x 210 cm
  • Special sizes: 80 x 220 cm / 90 - 140 x 220 cm

Slatted base comparison 2018: comparison

3.3. Material: beech, bamboo or pine?

As you can see from our slatted frame test, there are different materials from which a slatted frame can be made. Mostly slats are made of wood, while plate slats have plastic components due to the built-in plates.

What material the Moldings or the frame of plate slatted frames are, plays a minor role, since the comfort emanates primarily from the plastic plates.

Slatted base comparison 2018: comparison

The slatted frame (brand Schlummerparadies) consists of seven lying zones, 42 spring connectors as well as one middle chord.

The number of wooden slats or slats plays an important role in sleeping comfort. Cheap slatted frames have fewer slats than expensive models and the following applies: The more bars, the more convenient.

The fewer slats are installed in a slatted frame, the larger is also the Distance between the bars and the more likely it is that the mattress sags downwards at intervals, which in turn can negatively affect the sleeping comfort. The distance between the strips Standard bed bases should be about 1.5 to 3 cm amount, at Roll slatted are 5 cm a reasonable distance.

Is the Distance too low between the bars, this can also have a negative impact as the Danger of mold growth elevated. The human loses per night namely 0.2 to 1 liter of fluid by sweating. This liquid is absorbed by the mattress, which is why it is very important that the slatted base on the mattress bottom provides good air circulation.

How many strips does the slatted base need? As an indication one can say that a roll bar with 23 bars is very comfortable, with a standard slatted bar should be at least 25 bars. Cheap standard grates have fewer than 20 bars, the most comfortable models have up to 44 bars.

Slatted base comparison 2018: base

The Module plate of a plate grid ensure an optimal sinking of the sleeping person into the mattress. The plates support and adapt to the body contours.

For plate slats, the following generally applies: The more plates, the higher quality and more comfortable is the slatted frame. A large number would be 60 plates; Of course, there are fewer plates on hybrid models.

The plate modules exist made of elastic plastic and are arranged five or six in a row. You can in all directions on movements of the sleeper react - in contrast to a normal slatted frame, which can only swing down and up.

The lying areas & their functions

Zone 1: superimposes head elastic
Zone 2: supports cervical area
Zone 3: holds shoulder in natural shape
Zone 4: supports lordosis area (where the spine curves towards the abdomen)
Zone 5: lets pelvic area sink in
Zone 6: for flexible thigh storage
Zone 7: lets your feet and lower legs sink in, so that blood vessels are not pinched off

Standard slatted frames and plate slats can be different resting zones to have. Roller grates have no zone classification and also have no adjustable head and foot parts.

Most grates have five to seven lying zones that can act on the mattress to stabilize the body. This is for the Pressure point load of lateral, back and abdominal sleepers important. When buying from Mattress and slatted frame You should be careful that both the same zone classification to have. The following applies: The more lying areas, the better.

4. Questions and answers about slatted frames

4.1. Can you combine any mattress with any slatted frame?

Slatted base comparison 2018: 2018

At aCold foam mattress the ledge distance of the slatted frame should not be more than 5 cm. This type of mattress is suitable, for example, for plate gratings, electric bed bases and rolling grates.

Not every mattress type should be combined with any slatted type. As mentioned in our slatted test, you should be careful that Mattress and rust the same zones should have. That is, if my mattress has a 5-zone layout, this should also be the case with the slatted frame.

Furthermore, you should note that the Distance between the bars should not exceed 5 cm if you Cold foam or spring mattresses use.

Also most gratings are for all types of mattresses suitable, e.g. also for roll mattresses. Slatted frames often do not have as many strips, which is why you should pay particular attention to the strip spacing in order to prevent the mattress from sagging. Optimal is a distance of 4 to 5 cm for roller grates.

Because rolling grates are not adjustable and the strips often do not feather well, this is particularly usefulPocket springs and horsehair mattresses on. Less suitable are cold foam and latex mattresses, because they need a resilient base to fully unfold their reclining comfort.

Due to their adjustability in the head and foot area applies to electric slatted framesthat you need to use a mattress that can withstand these stresses. It is suitable Cold foam and latex mattresses because of their flexibility and because they can also have a zone classification.

Pocket spring mattresses are neither suitable for electric bed bases nor for adjustable slatted frames in general, since they have rigid spring cores; Pocket spring mattresses can be positioned on fixed standard slatted frames or roll shelves.

For one Plate slatted are all mattress types suitable, but are recommended especially cold, foam and latex mattresses. Avoid using the plate grid and spring mattress, as this mattress type requires a particularly large surface area. In addition, your mattress should be on the plate grid not higher than 25 cm because you will not notice the plate effect.

4.2. Can all slatted frames carry the same weight?

Slatted base comparison 2018: base

The middle chord of the slatted frame serves the load distribution.

The maximum load capacity varies with slatted frames. The normal one load limit is usually included 120 to 150 kgper slatted frame. But there is also XXL-bed slatsspecially produced for overweight or for two people sharing a slatted frame.

A slatted frame for overweight people can between 200 and 280 kg carry. Such an XXL grate must therefore meet special requirements:

  • Central zone reinforcement for buttocks and hips (there is the most weight when lying down)
  • a textile distributing the loads Middle strap for stabilization
  • stable and special stable wood (for example beech)

There are even Slatted bed frames for heavyweight people to be purchased (e.g., from the Tuga-Holztech brand). These have a load capacity of 200 to 300 kg and are made of solid wood.

4.3. Can you build a slatted frame yourself?

You can build a slatted frame yourself, but then you only have a fixed grate that is not adjustable. The consumer organization Stiftung Warentest has in the issue 10/2015 one Construction manual for a slatted frame presented. You need the following material for this:

  • Frame: four woods (spruce or fir)
  • 14 slats (spruce or fir)
  • 36 wooden dowels
  • 4 wood screws with countersunk head

in the Video the Stiftung Warentest you can look at how the Lattenrostbau exactly works:

4.4. Can I avoid disturbing noises with the slatted frame?

If your slatted frame creaks or creaks, it can have several causes that must first be located to solve the problem. Reasons for disturbing noises can u.a. his:

Cause of noiseremedy
a bar is looseAttach the loose strip or hang the strip back into the provided suspension.
the rust has shifted in the bed frameAdjust the slatted frame or screw it to the bed frame.Alternatively, you can also attach felt gliders (known from table or chair legs) under the grate.
Metal parts on the grateLocate the noise-causing parts and treat them with silicone spray, soap, baby powder or candle wax to make them supple again.

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