Seal slates properly to protect against stains and dirt

Surfaces made of natural stones such as slate come in contact with many harmful substances every day, which is why they need sufficient care. Here it helps to seal the slates and to protect from the dangers of everyday life.

The right protection treatment for slates is important

There are several ways to protect slate from environmental influences or soiling of all kinds. One distinguishes between different types of protection. Here are some options:

  • The impregnation of slates, where the protective agents penetrate the material and do not form layers. However, not every type of slate is suitable for impregnation.
  • The other option is to seal the slates. In contrast to the impregnation, a protective layer is formed on the surface.

The properties of the various degrees of protection

For materials such as oil shale, the impregnation is not suitable. These materials have a surface that prevents penetration of the impregnation. Here should be resorted to a seal. This is very often done on relatively rough slate surfaces. The seal is a protective function that fulfills several tasks. The surface is protected by the layer, at the same time a smoothing of the surface takes place, whereby the daily care is facilitated. However, the seals are made only indoors.

How to make the seal

A basic requirement is a clean surface of the slates. Therefore, you should do a basic cleaning before sealing. If it is a wet cleaning, the plates must first completely dry before sealing. So do not seal the slate directly after this basic cleaning. It is best to wait at least one day before starting the seal. Then apply the protective agent exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions, covering the entire slate area. Also note the drying time required for the seal to perform its full protective function. This can take up to several hours.

The seal should be repeated regularly

It is very important to repeat every protective treatment at regular intervals. Please also note the information in the description. An impregnation or sealing is not permanent. Of course, the maximum time intervals between the seals also depend on the use of the corresponding surface.

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