Cleaning slate tiles - that's the way it works best

Slate is a natural stone that is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. In and of itself, slate is very durable and problem-free, but when cleaning and maintaining slate surfaces you should definitely keep in mind. What you should know, read in this post.


As with all natural stones, impregnation is virtually unavoidable even with slate. The impregnation is applied for the first time directly after installation and must then be renewed at regular intervals.

It prevents water and dirt from penetrating into the slate and becoming permanently attached. By impregnating slate surfaces are almost insensitive to dirt, at the same time their inherent high diffusivity is hardly affected.

Suitable cleaning agents

Slate can be cleaned with all mild detergents. It is important to abstain from acid-based cleaners in particular, acid can attack the porous surface of the shale and irrevocably damage it. The slate then becomes visually very unsightly.

Special problems in wet areas

With very hard water, slate often causes problems in the bathroom area. The high water hardness and the high lime content in the water lead to the formation of ugly lime spots, which are clearly visible especially on the black slate.

In addition to the frequent cleaning stone oil can be applied as a protection for the slate at regular intervals. It seals the porous surface for a while, preventing the precipitated lime from penetrating the stone and settling in the slate surface.

A treatment with rock oil every four weeks is highly recommended for high water hardness. Stone oil should be applied after a thorough cleaning with a coarse sponge. During application, additional deposited dirt particles dissolve and the stone becomes shiny clean.

Let the stone oil soak for about half an hour, then polish with a clean cloth. Ideally, the bath should not be used for 24 hours, so that the rock oil can develop its full protective effect.

Care of slate

Which care measures are sensible and necessary depends not least on the type and surface of the slate. You should always follow the recommendations of the specialist dealer or manufacturer here.

In general, however, linseed oil or rock oil is a very suitable care measure for most slate, which also preserves the slate tiles well.

Tips & Tricks

Polished slate tiles are usually slightly more sensitive than ordinary slate. Therefore, you need a little more and a little more frequent care.

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