Adjust slatted frame for side sleepers correctly

If you prefer to sleep on the side, you should adjust your slatted base accordingly. For each sleeping position there is a special adjustment of the hardness of the slatted frame. Find out here what's different about the page sleepers attitude.

What is the degree of hardness?

The degree of hardness of a slatted frame indicates how much the slatted frame yields at the respective location, ie how hard or soft the slats are. Most slatted frames have a 5-zone system, so you can set the degree of hardness individually in five different body zones. These zones are head, shoulders, loins, pelvis and legs.
Sliders attached to the ledges in each zone allow you to increase or decrease the degree of hardness.

How do you increase or decrease the degree of hardness?

By pushing the sliders towards the center of the bed, the degree of hardness becomes lower, that is softer. If you push the slides outwards, you increase the degree of hardness. As a general rule, the sliders are best placed in a V-shape with the tip of the Vs on the pelvis. This has the consequence that the Po sinks deeper than the rest of the body, whereby the spine forms a straight line. Nevertheless, with side-sleepers a slight adaptation of this principle is advisable, as explained below.

Ideal hardness for side sleepers

Unfortunately, the optimal degree of hardness for all side sleepers does not exist. Everyone has their own preferences regarding how hard they sleep. In general, however, side sleepers should be somewhat softer than e.g. Back sleepers. The lateral position puts more strain on shoulders and pelvic bones. Therefore, it is advisable not only to keep the pelvis soft, but also to soften the shoulders. You can achieve this by pushing the sliders closer together in the shoulder area so that the slatted frame gives way more in this area as well. This creates the shape of a short Vs with two dots above it. How soft you want to adjust your shoulders depends on the width of your shoulders and personal preference.

Review of the situation

Therefore, you should check after setting whether you like the result or if your spine is just so. It is best to lie down on the bed (including mattress) and ask a second person to check your supine position. With a rod, a measuring tape or the like, the second person can now assess whether your spine lies straight in the lateral position or makes a bow. If this is the case you should change your settings.

Tips & Tricks

If you buy an electronically adjustable slatted frame, you can easily set the degree of hardness from the bed with a small remote control.

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