Strengthen the slatted frame - That's how it's done

There are many reasons to want to reinforce a slatted frame: yours is already old and the last is not as hard as it used to be? You have bought a new slatted frame without hardness controller and he is too soft for you? Or a bar has broken through and you want to replace and strengthen it so that does not happen again? Or you want your slatted frame to carry more weight? No matter why you want to strengthen your slatted frame, here's an easy way to do it.

hardness settings

Most slatted frames, so-called 5- or 7-zone slatted frames, are already supplied with reinforced zones. From the pelvis to the shoulder area there are five strips that are reinforced and equipped with hardness regulators. Reinforcement is achieved by placing another, slightly shorter strip below the long strip, which, by moving the hardness adjuster, works closer and less closely to the strip above, making the slatted frame harder or softer at this point.

Retrofit hardness controller

If your slatted frame does not have any hardness controllers or you would like to have hardness controllers in other areas of the slatted frame, you can retrofit them. There are online for example at to buy packages with 5 slats and 10 hardness slides. Make sure that the length of the strips corresponds to the length of your existing strips! In the following, we will explain step by step how to install the reinforcement.

Step-by-step instructions for inserting the additional hardness controllers

  • Reinforcing strip (s) and hardness slider

  • screwdriver or Allen key

1. Expose slatted frame and screw on

First you have to take the slatted frame off the bed and put it on the ground. Unscrew the sidebars and the center link a little (not completely apart!), So you can easily pull the strips out of their caps.

2. Replace strips

Now take the strips that you want to exchange from your cap and insert the new strips on one side first. Now slide a hardness slider on each bar.

Insert the shorter reinforcement strip under the long strip in this hardness slider.

Make sure that the middle band is between the two strips!

If you have threaded the middle band, put a second hardness controller on the bar.

Finally, slide the strips on the other side into the holder.

3. Screw together slatted frame

Now you can screw the slatted back together tightly by tightening the screws on the frame.

4. Adjust the strength

Depending on personal preference and sleeping position, different strength settings are recommended. In general, it is recommended to adjust the pelvic area softer, so that the pelvis sinks deeper and thus a straight spine is favored. The further you push the slides out, the harder the bar becomes. The further you push it towards the center, the softer the bar becomes. The sliders on a bar should always be the same distance to the center. Which setting is recommended for side sleepers can be found here.

Tips & Tricks

Read here how to set a 7-zone slatted base correctly.

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