Slatted frame hangs through - What to do?

Do you wake up early with back pain? Are you uncomfortable and feel like you are lying in a hollow? Does your slatted frame possibly hang through? What can this be? What can you do about it?

Is the slatted frame hanging?

If you remove your mattress from the slatted base, you can easily tell whether the rust is sagging: The slats must be bent nicely upwards and the arch should never be arched down (even if you lie on it).
However, if this is the case, your slatted base will definitely hang.

What can you do?

If the slatted slab sags, it is clearly too old, broken or simply has its day. In a completely sagging slatted only helps throw away and buy a new one. If only a few slats sag, you can replace them and reinforce them to make the slats last longer.

Tips & Tricks

When buying a slatted frame, be aware of the type of wood. Do not buy soft spruce or pine, because they have a significantly lower life span than other woods.

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