Build slatted frame yourself: tennis ball bed

Slatted frames with individually spring-mounted support elements are expensive. The principle behind it, however, can be rebuilt relatively easily: With tennis balls. The following building instructions for a tennis ball slatted frame shows how to do it.

Build slatted frame yourself: tennis ball bed: frame

material list

  • 4 x beams, spruce square timber, 950 x 100 x 130
  • 10 x slats, birch multiplex, 950 x 100 x 9
  • 20 x tennis balls D = 65
  • 4 x wooden dowels, reef dowel, beech, 6 x 30
  • 4 x box fittings, two parts

Build slatted frame yourself: tennis ball bed: slatted


Tennis balls are often used by tennis clubs free of charge and in sufficient quantities - friendly questions are usually rewarded !!!!

This plan refers to mattresses with a width of 90 to 100 cm, but the principle can also be applied to other mattress sizes.

  • Drill holes for tennis balls: D = 45
  • Spruce Timber planed and varnished twice

Build slatted frame yourself: work steps

  1. Cut the squared lumber to length and mark the abutting end faces of the squared timbers with letters.
  2. Cut laths.
  3. Mark the position of the drill center points.
  4. Drilling the hole recesses in the square timbers.
  5. Drill holes in slats.
  6. Sand all surfaces with P 120 grain.
  7. Chamfer of all edges, hole edges only slightly for better fit of the balls break.
  8. Fix the position of the square timber joints with two wooden dowels each.
  9. Prime all visible surfaces with Clou-Lacklasur.
  10. Intermediate sanding with grain size P 220.
  11. Apply cover glaze with Clou-Lacllasur with a soft brush in a maser direction.
  12. Screw box fittings to the side of the squared timbers.
  13. Putting tennis ball bed together.

building plan

Build slatted frame yourself: tennis ball bed: slatted

All parts are just put together. The required stability is achieved by the weight of the mattress.

The through holes in the slats can be cut out with circular cutters.

The holes in the beams are drilled with Forstner drills (for example Protool WD C 45 x 100 s2).

Drilling with protool drilling systems

Build slatted frame yourself: tennis ball bed: build

A. The depth gauge is used for exact depth limitation.

B. When the fixing screws are open, the depth gauge can also be used as a vertical drilling aid.

C. The center drill allows tear-free drilling from two sides.

D. Long centering points are used for oblique holes.

E. Shank extensions allow for deep hole drilling.

Variant with bedside table / book shelf - material list

Build slatted frame yourself: tennis ball bed: build

  • 2 slats, birch multiplex, 1250x100x9
  • 1 shelf, birch multiplex, 500x250x9
  • 4 tennis balls, D = 65

Build slatted frame yourself: tennis ball bed: frame

Courtesy of Festool

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