Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: miter

The Bosch PCM 7S is a novelty in the field of miter saws, which are becoming increasingly popular on do-it-yourself workbenches. The fast and exact miter cut inspires even semi-professional devices; Angle and shear cuts are no problem.

The reference among power tools traditionally comes from Bosch: on the green and blue devices from Swabia, power tools on the German market have been measuring for decades.

We have tested the latest developments in cut-and-saw technology, the Bosch PCM 7S, exclusively for you before the market launch. The Bosch PCM 7S will be available from April 2011 onwards.

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S: Technical data

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: blade

  • Rated power: 1200 watts
  • Idling speed: 4800 rpm
  • Weight: 11.8 kg
  • Protection class II
  • Saw blade diameter: 190 mm
  • Saw blade thickness: 1.4 - 2.5 mm
  • Bore diameter: 30 mm
  • Working noise: 94 db / A (wear hearing protection!)

Packaging and assembly

Very well packed the Bosch PCM 7S arrives at the customer: The green cardboard is solid, the device is stably clamped between cardboard elements. The structure leaves no questions unanswered.

The chop saw is quickly removed from the packaging and set up; undoubtedly an impressive device.

The batteries for the laser are inserted in the front handle of the saw; The battery compartment is quite solid processed, besides the polarity there are no questions left.

The green plastic work surface extensions are an interesting idea. They can be plugged to the left and right of the work table to create one Working surface of almost one meter wide.

Alternatively, you can also, thanks to plug-in grooves, be combined with many other arrangements to provide the workpiece with the best possible support.

Saw blade change and processing

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: chop

The saw blade change in the Bosch PCM 7S is relatively easy to do. On the left foot of the machine is a standard Allen key.

To loosen the saw blade, however, a few tricks must be observed: The spindle must first be locked in order to block the saw blade, then the saw blade must be unscrewed to the left.

What sounds complicated is actually quite simple; The saw blade change succeeds after a brief look in the manual even newcomers easily.

The processing of the device is excellent: everything fits well, the handles and controls are well in the hand, burr-free and logically arranged. The double operation of the saw arm protects against unintentional switching on, the working table made of sturdy aluminum instills confidence.

The switches and operating handles snap in exactly; The angle adjustment is precise and easy to lock. Overall, the device looks high-quality and stable, nothing wobbles, nothing rattles.

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: Bosch

operating manual

The operating instructions are understandable, multilingual and extensive. All controls are clearly displayed and numbered in several graphics. The language is technically-sober but understandable and leaves no questions unanswered when it comes to operation, with a little knowledge of the subject.

Additional information on specific workpieces is given, the layout is clear and understandable.

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: chop

Cross-cut saw Practical test: We saw with the Bosch PCM 7S

We tested the Bosch PCM 7S chop saw in a practical test and were very satisfied: Clamping, adjusting, sawing - the device really enables a precise craftsmanship!

Straight cut

Once firmly clamped, the PCM 7S saws quickly and with very little vibration through the clamped workpiece.

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: miter

Here comes the tool its stable and heavy workmanship benefit.

With the built-in laser, the interface can be precisely targeted, the cut succeeds with little effort and a convincing, smooth result.

Thanks to the two-switch operation, the hand can not get hurt. In addition, a movable shield made of transparent plastic protects against flying sawdust and in front of the saw blade when at rest.

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: blade


No one buys a chop saw because he just wants to make straight cuts: so we made the second cut with 35 degrees miter.

Before the workpiece is clamped with the mounted clamp, the miter angle must be adjusted.

this happens accurate with a large scale that allows easy reading.

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: miter

The miter cut is also carried out selectively and without fraying the cut edges.

jack rafter

The supreme discipline of a miter saw is the so-called Schifterschnitt: In this not only a horizontal but also a vertical miter is produced.

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: chop

In other words: the arm of the chop saw is tilted to the side.

The saw blade is set in a rather unusual angle, moreover, the arm can no longer be performed completely with downward force. Here a powerful saw blade and a powerful, fast rotating engine are important.

Even this more demanding maneuver is easily possible with the Bosch PCM 7S, the cut is precise and fast, the workpiece does not slip.

Bosch PCM 7 S: Pro and Contra

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: chop

The chop saw and miter saw Bosch PCM 7 S is a sophisticated device for home improvement with high standards in precision and workmanship.

The device developed in Germany does not disappoint its user: Everything snaps to be precise, the switches are ergonomically arranged, the performance is convincing.

Straight cuts are made in seconds, miter cuts are also carried out quickly.

Chop saw Bosch PCM 7S im: blade

The challenging shifter cuts can be adjusted easily and precisely - thumbs up for handling and quality.

The saw blade change is quick and easy, the key for unscrewing the anchorage is enclosed with the device. Initial commissioning requires no special installation effort.

For transport to the construction site, the saw is on top of that equipped with a transport lockEasy to lock and unlock.

Negatively noticed are only minor details: Thus, the attached to the device vise could be a little stronger. Also, a fold-out overview of the controls in the manual would be desirable.

Test conclusion Bosch PCM 7S

Precision, ergonomics and craftsmanship top - with this saw you are right.

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