Lifting sliding door - practical and barrier-free in the conservatory

Hardly any other door solution allows such a wide passage, which can also be wheelchair-accessible with a wheelchair. Especially for the conservatory, which is to open to nature, a lift-and-slide door is ideal.

This is how the lift-and-slide door runs on rails

The wing of the patio door is raised by the rotation of the handle. This lifts him from its sealing position, which makes it easy to move the wing on its rollers or a carriage.

Depending on the design of the lift-and-slide door, the sash can also be locked again at any point. Simply turn the handle and lower the sash to its position.

When lowered, the door pushes back into its sealing bed and closes so completely clean and trouble-free.

Barrier-free and yet absolutely leakproof - the lift-and-slide door

Since the wings run absolutely accurately at the top and bottom of a rail, they can be easily moved and, as it were, seal themselves when closing. Because the bottom rail runs in the ground and does not elevate, the transition still remains completely barrier-free.

Burglar-proof and stable

Through the principle of lifting and lowering, the door can not be pried open by a burglar while it is intact. The stability in storm is guaranteed, while other patio doors in case of storm like to whistle through something.

Many advantages of the lift-and-slide door in the conservatory

  • large door openings possible
  • barrier-free passage
  • effective heat protection
  • high density
  • prevents break-ins reliably

Disadvantages of the lift-and-slide door

In principle, the lift-and-slide door works perfectly. But when it ages, the shortcomings come out. Therefore, the door requires regular care to continue to move easily in their rails.

The rails must always be kept absolutely clean and the handle must be kept smooth with good lubrication.

Tips & Tricks

Only install a lift-and-slide door when the building is no longer seated. It does not tolerate the slightest displacement or lowering of its rails. Then it is not just leaking, it can not be opened.

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