Effectively seal the sliding door

Often a sliding door leads to the terrace or the balcony, because this type of door is easy to operate and still takes up little space. But not always such exterior doors are really tight, then a lot of heat is lost to the outside and the energy costs rise. Cold air currents near the door make us shudder: How do you effectively close a sliding door so that the living quality improves again?

Find the leaks

First of all, it is necessary to check exactly where the leak on the sliding door is located. Does it pull under the door, on the sides or above? Helpful may be a burning candle whose flame trembles in the air movement.

The next step is to see if any existing gaskets are still intact: has the material become porous or even torn out? Is the door leaf no longer tight at one or more points?

Focus your action on the outcome of this review and select the appropriate remedy from the following suggestions.

Renew the sliding door gasket

Defective or missing seals on the sliding door can be replaced relatively easily. Buy self-adhesive rubber seals at the hardware store and then do the following:

  • Remove the old door seals, scraps can be scraped off with the glass scraper.
  • Clean and dry the surface carefully.
  • Measure the new door rubbers exactly and cut them.
  • Remove the film from the bottom and glue the new gaskets on.

If you can not find suitable seals for your sliding door, then find out about the system of inflatable seals, which can be adjusted exactly. Maybe this is the key to your newfound living quality.

Mount brush seals on the sliding door

Special brush seals for sliding doors also keep away the drafts and ensure that the heating heat remains in the room. This type of seal can be fitted all around the entire sliding door.

Especially for sealing in the lower area, brush seals are recommended, which at the same time ensure that the door can still be opened effortlessly. In addition, the brushes, in contrast to the usual Tǘrvorlegern firmly mounted.

Emergency solution: Create a windscreen

If the drafts can not be completely eliminated and you now need some time to save on a new sliding door, then just set up a windscreen in the meantime. This works relatively easy with a curtain.

Tips & Tricks

The door rubbers of your sliding door become dirty and age over time; regular care delays this process. Clean the gaskets once a year and spray them with silicone spray.