Sliding window - where do you get suitable seals?

Sliding windows and doors are difficult to seal. This often requires special seals. Where to get such seals, what properties they should have, and where the problem often lies when sealing sliding windows, read here.

Sealing requirements for sliding windows

Unlike sash windows, sash windows do not close completely due to their design. Unlike the rotating window, there is enough pressure to squeeze a seal to provide a complete seal.

This is why sliding windows rarely use rubber seals, but brush seals are generally used.

For sliding windows in the automotive sector, and for caravans are often used directly embedded in the frame special seals. The pushed-glass pane is enclosed by the seal. But you will find here also special brush seals use.

Different types of brush seals

Brush seals can be made very different. This concerns:

  • seal width
  • seal height
  • Material for the sealing brush
  • Execution of the brush

Most brush seals today are made of composite materials.

There is a particularly suitable embodiment for every application. In order to choose the right brush seal, you should definitely seek advice from specialist dealers.

Function of the sealing brush

The very tight brush has the following functions:

  • it prevents drafts
  • It prevents the ingress of dirt, dust and insects
  • it keeps water from the outside, but allows a moisture exchange from the inside out

Self-adhesive brush seals

The simplest brush seals consist of the seal brush and a glued area above it. In this way, the seal can be easily glued to the window frame.

For a better effect but you should use in any case seals with a sturdy frame, which one introduces into a matching groove on the window, or bolted to the window frame.

Tips & Tricks

The correct and professional installation of a brush seal is important. In any case, you should inquire at the retailer, what should be considered when installing, attaching and adjusting the seal.

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