Make sloping roofs interesting

Sloping ceilings provide comfort on the upper floor, but they can also be cramped. With a few tricks and tricks, your sloping roof becomes a stylish living element - the feel-good barometer rises significantly.

Shape roof pitches: colors for the clear line

Limit yourself to a few harmonizing tones in the color wall design of your roof space. Preferably use light colors, preferably white with few strong color accents. Give the sloping roof a clear structure, do without anything that causes visual restlessness and distracts the eye too much. In this way you make an optical enlargement of your roof space in the bevel area. If you want to paper your sloping roofs, choose brightest possible wallpapers with clear colors and avoid large-format patterns. So your sloping roofs look airy and light. Cozy retreat corners, however, also cope with set colors such as a dark red or a warm brown, which invites you to rest and cuddle.

Decorate the roof slopes stylishly

Would you like to design your sloping ceilings by hanging decorative picture frames? In this case, there are special suspension systems that hold the frame by means of magnets or bars on the sloping wall. Pay attention here also to a clear structure and you prefer a few large-format images compared to many small frames, otherwise the slope seems restless and crowded. Textiles provide a homely atmosphere, curtains can be attached to roof windows in several ways: One possibility is to screw one curtain rod above and the other under the roof window, hang up the curtains and drape them under the bottom bar. Special roof window curtains also have loops at the top and bottom to hang on two curtain rods.

Spotlights are particularly well-suited for illuminating sloping roofs - so no unwanted dark corners, but everything looks bright and inviting. Arrange a single spotlight on your favorite picture or light up everything the way you want it. This way, you can also design your sloping ceilings with lighting effects.

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