Small projects for the weekend

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Small projects for the weekend: projects

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After a maker break, I'm back for you today. Was that a great weekend? I spent it completely outside and in the workshop. Of course I was diligent. At least I took care of a few small projects. As you may have read, I came back from the Maker Faire with a battered cordless screwdriver and this is now driving again. Fortunately, I had two wheels and was able to replace the broken. For the defective rear light, I have ordered new and they may come today. All in all, no problem. The evening or the night, I then spent my workbench with rear wall to make something better. On the one hand, I split the Osram Lightify Flex RGBW Stripe, which hung just behind the monitor, and attached it to the left and right. So my workbench is now much better lit. Behind the monitor, the very good light output was hardly noticeable. In addition, a monitor has found its place and I have the first tools attached to hand.

Small projects for the weekend: clock

Operating table prepared

Small projects for the weekend: picture

defective wheel to Maker Faire

Small projects for the weekend: picture

Lighting at the workbench

A new kitchen clock

Small projects for the weekend: clock


On Sunday there was still a small project.

A long time ago I once had a ladle clock built (here the construction manual). I found the project quite nice, easy to implement and a practical kitchen decoration. But now I had already reported that I have created a memo board and in the choice of place had to give way to my beloved Pfannenuhr. Well, the project itself is not bad (even if my wife did not want to use the pan anymore - for whatever reason), but I'm missing the clock. Constantly you look around to see that you do not see anything. So a new clock had to go to the kitchen. As a precaution, of course, I have canceled the movement, which has nothing to do with Messi. Men save for later use! As I approached the topic at breakfast, my wife surprised me by pointing to a linen picture on the other kitchen wall. That's exactly what I had planned, but I did not think it was that easy to enforce. Well, if Mum says is to take the picture, then I take it. But only because she wants it that way. I never wanted to ruin that. ?

Small projects for the weekend: small

a picture, a clockwork and it starts

The implementation was quite simple and took less than 5 minutes. Measure the length of the hands, determine the distance from the center hole to the edge from behind, make sure that nothing is in the way of the movement... Crap, I knew that I forgot something. With a side cutter, the problem was quickly resolved and the movement has found its place. Remains only to mention that in such drilling a wood drill is to use, since it cuts out the hole. A metal drill would make a small hole in the middle, but only tear it all around.

If the hole drilled (and enough space there), the clockwork can be screwed in and screwed from the front. Pointer on it, put clock and hang up. Then wonder why the picture hangs wrong. Sure, a page is heavier now. Since there is no extra hanger and the frame hangs only on a screw, the image is shifted a bit and the "weight center" sought. finished. Now the picture clock does not hang exactly middle under the bar lighting but at least straight.

Small projects for the weekend: projects

Of course the clockwork needs space

Small projects for the weekend: projects

Movement is installed

What I notice now....

In my post I just wanted to link the construction of the memo board and have not found one. Whoever has it, get out of it. Or have not I written it yet? Then it's about time.

See you later

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