Smoker and smokehouse: differences between hot and cold smoke

Smoker and smoking oven build - self-smoking and smoking

Smoker and smokehouse: differences between hot and cold smoke: smokehouse

Smoking and smoking - is not that the same? Oh no! On these pages, we'll clarify the small but subtle differences between smoking and smoking, and show you how to build such stoves and grills at home yourself.

We have very simple building instructions for home-built smoker and a smoker grill here, which also meets professional standards. However, for this you need a welding machine. Basic knowledge in electrical or inert gas welding would therefore be appropriate.

If you like to eat smoked fish or smoked meat, even go fishing, hunting or even making sausages, you are in the right place. We turn you into a smoker king and show you what you need to smoke.

Smoking: Where is the difference between hot and cold smoking?

Smoking does not stop at simply hanging a fresh fish or raw ham in the smoke. Depending on the food to be smoked and the desired durability to be achieved, there are many differences.

hot smoking

Hot smoking is the most common way to make fish and meat tastier and more durable. The longer shelf life is here, however, compared to the taste in the background; Hot-smoked food lasts only a few days, but is permeated with a strong smoky taste.

In hot smoking, the smoking material is not directly burned, but charred over a separate source of heat. The resulting smoke has a temperature of 50 to 85° C and pervades the smoked products for several hours.

Strong hot smoking from temperatures of 85° C is called "roast". The greater heat and the more intense smoke dry the smoked products stronger and give it a more intense taste.

In addition to hot smoking and roasting, there is also the variant of hot smoking. This is used for example for Frankfurter sausages and is limited to a temperature range of 25 to 50° C.

cold smoking

Cold smoking is usually a multi-day process and more complex (compared to hot smoking) as the smoke must be cooled to 15-25° C and kept constant. Smoked in special smoker or smokehouse. - We also have a construction manual ready for you for a simple cold smoking oven.

Raw smoked sausage, Cervelat sausage, Mettwurst and raw ham are rarely cold-smoked - fish are rare.

Incense oven build for hot smoking

Smoker and smokehouse: differences between hot and cold smoke: smoker

You want to smoke yourself? You can easily build a hot smoking oven yourself: We will show you a variant that is simple and quick to build and also transportable.
We also tell you what materials and tools are required and explain step by step how to build it yourself and then you hot-smoke fish and meat.
You can find out more in our guide: Building a smoking oven for hot smoking.

Incense oven build for cold smoking

You want to smoke your own cold? Then we have a clever and cheap idea for you to build a functional smokehouse itself. In contrast to hot smoking, the necessary cooling of the flue gas in the earth takes place in this variant. The self-built smokehouse is ideal for use on large plots of land and is "energy self-sufficient". Manual skill is required for this manual.

Smoker and smokehouse: differences between hot and cold smoke: differences

Smoker: Barbecue - the american way!

Smoker grill: functional scheme
In contrast to the smokehouse, where meat and fish hang over hot or cold smoke, they lie in the smoker on a grill. Because in this special grill, the food is not fried over the open flame, but cooked by hot smoke.

As illustrated in the drawing, this is a combination of smoking and grilling: The food to be cooked is cooked from below by the coal in the cooking space and smoked at the same time as the wood smoke produced in the firebox. The result is a very tender meat or fish consistency with an incomparable smoked aroma - you have to try it.

Build Smoker yourself

Smoker and smokehouse: differences between hot and cold smoke: smoke

You can also build a smoker yourself: We'll show you how to set up an American barbecue smoker from the construction sketch to the cooking chamber and the Firebox to the ventilation and the Ofenror itself. Welding skills are unnecessary, but a little creativity and improvisation are required. Learn how to smoky - with our instructions: Smoker build yourself.

Smoker and smokehouse: differences between hot and cold smoke: smoke

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