Smoker: Cold smoking in the smoked barrel

To build a smoking oven for cold smoking

Regardless of whether Smoke House or smoker: Cold smoking takes place at temperatures of 15 to 25° C - the Smoke must therefore be cooled, This is also for amateurs with a sophisticated design to achieve. The "smoke pipe" is simply buried. So nothing stands in the way of delicious home-made smoking.

We'll show you how to do one Build an ovenwith which you can smoke sausage, fish or ham yourself. A very special treat - homemade! And a great addition to traditional grills.

Cold smoking oven: sketch and materials

Smoker: Cold smoking in the smoked barrel: smoking

Sketch of our smoker for cold smoking

Our cold smoking oven will mounted underground. This cools the smoke optimally and is a durable and at the same time simple construction - the ham can come!

You need the following materials:

  • 1 metal barrel or clean (!) Oil drum, approx. 100 cm x 60 cm, sheet thickness min. 3 mm
  • 1 old preserving pot with lid, min. 50 x 30 cm
  • 1 wooden lid, round, according to the diameter of the smoking barrel, multiplex plate, 19 mm thickness
  • 1 stovepipe, Ø 12-15 cm, length: 120 cm
  • 1 stovepipe elbow, Ø corresponding to the stovepipe
  • 1 stainless steel rod, Ø 10 mm, min. 60 cm long
  • Fine gravel for filling the "excavation pit"

To procure suitable material, you can be a little bit creative: Stove pipes, metal barrels and canning kettles are also found in the scrap metal trade or on junkyards. For a small fee, the parts can be found there. If you live near the river, you can get fine pebbles conveniently on the river beach. Be creative!

From new parts is the Price for the construction around 50 euros - depending on where and how you procure the parts.

needed tools

  • Jig saw with HSS metal saw blade
  • Meat thermometer
  • 11 mm HSS drill
  • HSS drill according to the diameter of the roasting probe
  • drilling machine

Smoke ton and fire sun edit

First, you have the needed Holes for the stovepipe sawing into the smoker and the fire barrel - in one can the Holes for the pole for attachment of the incense to be drilled.

Saw a hole approximately two centimeters above the cask bottom into the boiler wall according to the diameter of the stovepipe. Now cut a hole, also in the diameter of the stovepipe, into the bottom of the smoked barrel. Then use the 11 mm HSS drill to drill two perfectly aligned, horizontally aligned holes approximately 5 cm below the upper edge of the smoking barrel. Here the incense is hung.

Saw that now Lid for the smoked barrel from the multiplex plate; according to the barrel diameter. As a chimney you saw a hole with 10 cm diameter in the lid of the smoked ton, for the thermometer you drill a hole next to it corresponding to the diameter of the thermometer probe.

excavation work

Now the "underground" part of the work will be done: Dig a gutter about 120 cm long in the ground. The width of the channel should be about 25 cm to simplify the filling with gravel. Then fire a circular hole for the smoked barrel according to the diameter and 10 cm depth for the "foundation".

Now dig a 50 cm deep, circular hole on the other side of the gutter according to the diameter of your "fire boiler". Fill the soil about 5 cm high with gravel.

Lay the stovepipe

Now the stove pipe is laid: Insert the stovepipe sideways through the opening in the fire tank and then push it through the bottom opening in the smoky tank. If necessary, fix it to the bottom of the smoking barrel with a little tape to prevent it from slipping out. Place the entire structure loosely in the pit and insert the stovepipe into the gutter.

Now slowly and carefully fill the fine gravel, until the whole pit is well filled. Make sure that the stovepipe is firmly embedded in the gravel bed. If you have filled the pit to the brim, your "cold smokehouse" is ready for use.

Cold smoking in your smoker

To fumigate you have to do the following: Start with some beech or oak logs, depending on the desired flavor, in the fire bowl with the lid open powerful fire. Make sure that no chemical and pollutant-containing lighters are used as ignition aid; special ignition wool keep your incense free of harmful substances.

When the fire in the boiler is burning properly, put the lid on and complain to him with a stone. Now it should, with free gas flow, powerful smoke from the bottom hole of the smoking.

Now hang the incense on the pole and close the lid.

During the smoking process, occasionally check the temperatureIf the flue gas is too hot, pour a pot of cold water into the gravel bed. This cools the stovepipe and lowers the temperature in the smokehouse. If it is too cold or does not emit enough smoke, add more wood.

Cold smoking can take hours or days; Rule of thumb: The larger the smoking material and the stronger the desired smoke flavor should be, the longer it must be smoked. Try it is about studying, at least we already wish you "Bon Appétit"!

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