Smoker comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the smoker comparison or test 2018

  • Smokers unlike charcoal grills, the meat is not grilled directly on the flame, but cooked by hot smoke. This ensures a particularly delicate result with a smoky aroma.
  • In addition to the different types of BBQ smokers, categories such as size, material, and weight are important in making a purchase decision.
  • The choice of wood can influence the taste. For example, oak tastes particularly smoky, whereas apples are fruity.

Smoker comparison 2018: meat

Barbecue is one of the longest traditions of the still very young USA, especially in the south and on the east coast. In North Carolina, there is even a pilgrimage path, the Barbecue Trail with 23 stations that attract meat fans from around the world. To belong to a real barbecue juicy ribs and pulled pork. Both succeed best when it was prepared in the smoker.

In our smoker comparison 2018 we give you a purchase advice and pave the way to your personal smoker test winner. We also tell you which wood brings the best flavor to your meat.

1. Smoke: Difference to grilling and smoking

Smoken has tradition

The origins of Smokens date back to the 16th century. In the Caribbean, meat was grilled in pits on wooden utensils where it neither burned nor remained raw. The inhabitants called it "holy fire pit" - translated Barabicu.

Unlike grilling, when smoked, the meat is not directly on the fire, but instead cooked by hot smoke, Depending on the product and the thickness of the meat, this can take several hours or up to a day. But the wait is rewarded: The result is juicy meatthat is so delicate that you sometimes do not even need a knife, because it decays by itself.

Thus, the difference to smoking is clear. Here, food, preferably fish, preserved, by depriving them of moisture is removed. When smoking, the smoke is also produced with wood, but the temperatures are much lower than when smoking.

2. Smoker types: Barrel smokers are the classics

2.1. Barrel Smoker

Smoker comparison 2018: meat

The classic among the barbecue smokers. He has the typical locomotive look with the tubethat dissipates the smoke. The wood is fired in the small chamber and the heat heats the meat in the large grill chamber.

2.2. Reverse flow Smoker

Smoker comparison 2018: smoker

It resembles the barrel smoker visually, but uses a another system when heating the food, Metal plates prevent the smoke from flowing directly into the interior. It is directed down and from there, the heat evenly from above. So everything is roasted on the grill immediately. With the classic barrel, the location on the firebox is often hotter than the rest of the grill grid.

2.3. Pellet Smoker

Smoker comparison 2018: meat

You do not know what's better, kettle grill or smoker? Then decide on a water smoker. You can also convert that.

Smoker comparison 2018: comparison

Here wood pellets are used. The Heat is then maintained with gas or electricity and gets as well as Barrell on the small chamber in the large interior. Smoke with pellet smoker grills is particularly easy as it does not need to constantly control the wood and heat. For diehard Smoker fans, they are therefore not a real alternative.

2.4. Water-Smoker

Smoker comparison 2018: wood

They look quite rustic and simple, but they are just as much like their big counterparts. He is also called a bullet smoker, due to the shape reminiscent of a pistol bullet. The Smoker's firebox is in the lowest part and above it a bowl of water, It stores the heat and releases it evenly up to where the meat and vegetables are. The size of the grill area is relatively small. The Water-Smoker is still very popular because it can also be converted into a simple kettle grill.

Smoker comparison 2018: meat

3. Purchase criteria for Smoker: You must pay attention to this

3.1. Grill size

This is especially the size of the grill area meant, because the decides finally how many guests can be served. With dimensions of 100 x 50 cm, so 5,000 square meters, this is called a large barbecue, With this you can smoken for 15 - 20 people. Another common measure is 60 x 40 cm grill area, so 2,400 cm². These are small barbecues with which you can grill for up to 10 people.

With the total size one can say that Smokers are bigger than traditional grills, due to the additional fire chamber. For large barbecues, a weight of 100 kg can weigh on the floor. Consider these dimensions when looking for the best smoker and the best place to drop him off.

Smoker comparison 2018: comparison

Barbecue is the favorite sport of the Germans? At least it does over 20 million in this country at least once a month, It is not saved. 37% of barbecues spend at least 50 euros on grilled food - per month.

3.2. material

Most smoker are made of steel and treated with a heat-resistant spray, Only with the handles is also used like wood, so they are guaranteed not to heat up.

But not only the material itself, also the thickness of the sheet is crucial, It must be five to six millimeters. So the temperature is kept stable inside.

3.3. equipment

Good barbecue grills should have an integrated thermometer so that you can constantly control the temperature, This should be between 90 and 120° C for an optimal cooking process. Wheels are a good extra for the grill to be mobile. This is especially necessary when the smoker grill comes into the garage for the winter.

Smoker comparison 2018: meat

Grillzange & Co.: after the tuxedo serve the BBQ meat with the right accessories.

In addition, there are other smoker accessories, which you can find on our site also suitable comparisons:

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3.4. Brands and manufacturers

Weber is a fixture in the field of barbecues, The brand has specialized in everything that has to do with it. Weber occasionally offers Smoker, especially Water-Smoker. For some brands, e.g. El Fuego, you can buy different types of smokers. An overview of brands can be seen here:

  • BBQ grill
  • Broil Master
  • CS Trading
  • El Fuego
  • Dilego
  • Grill'n Smoke
  • Joe's
  • compatriot
  • Napoleon
  • Rosle
  • sinus Line
  • Syntrox
  • Taino
  • TecTake
  • Tepro
  • ultra Natura
  • weaver

Smoker comparison 2018: wood

4. The right wood

Not only the quality of the meat and the right smoke technique decide on the result. If you opt for a smoker, then because you also find the game with the flavors sexy. This can be wonderfully varied with the choice of different woods. Try, for example, citrus trees for poultry and fish. Or how about shredded whiskey barrels?

Which wood is the best for the smoker can not be answered flat rate. In Germany oak is particularly popular as a native plant. In America, Hickory is loved for its strong, smoky aroma reminiscent of Bacon. This is too much for most German palates. Nut trees are particularly suitable because they can be used in many ways.

An overview of popular woods and the suitable application can be seen here:

Type of woodsuitable grill food for the barbecuetaste
Oakfor red meat and fishvery heavy smoke flavor
beechall types of meat and fishbalanced smoky flavor
birchPoultry and porkmild and slightly sweetish aroma
hickoryall meatssmoky, spicy and ham-like aroma
cherryall meatsslightly sweet and smoky fruit aroma
ApplePoultry, beef, pork, hamdense and fruity smoke aroma
pearPoultry and porksweet and woody aroma
walnutRed meatvery heavy smoky aroma; should therefore be mixed with fruit wood
almondall meatssweet and especially nutty flavor
poplarall meatsvery strong and own smoke flavor

5. Questions and answers about Smoker

5.1. Can you build a smoker yourself?

Yes, this is very popular even with many hobby grills, because the homemade smoker is particularly cheap. Especially water smokers like to be tinkeredbecause you can turn a ton for this purpose. A detailed smoker construction manual you can see here:

5.2. Did Stiftung Warentest carry out a smoker test?

The institute does not yet have a smoker test in the program. But the Stiftung Warentest has one Smoker recipe ready: Juicy Pulled Pork is a classic smoker, The piece is cooked until it is easy to tear with a fork into small pieces. The instructions from test 12/2016 can be found here.

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