Snail trap for the aquarium

While we like to see some snails in an aquarium, others are just annoying and should disappear. The smaller the aquarium, the less hostile fish are found, who do the snail plague for us. There are some quite effective traps in the trade that will free us from the snails and cheap tricks that we want to show you here.

snail invasion

Nothing multiplies in an aquarium as well as snails you do not want. The chance to get some invisible snail eggs into the pool is huge with every new plant or fish. A few days later you will notice the first small snails.

If you do not pay attention now, the snails multiply rapidly and above all they lay eggs again, which of course also quickly become new snails. The beautiful plants of the aquarium would then be digested in a very short time as snail feed.

Snail trap in the aquarium

There are various models of Plexiglas in the trade, some of which look like a small UFO. In most cases, the size of the passage can be adjusted in order not to catch the snails that one might want to keep.

In the snail trap usually a food tablet is inserted as bait. For example, so that the little neons not fall into the trap, it should be inserted only when the lights in the evening is off and in the morning before switching off again.

Build your own Schneckenfalle step by step

  • cucumber
  • Tablespoon / shish kebab metal

1. Build a simple snail trap

An approximately four to five centimeters thick piece of cucumber catches the snails very cheap. However, a lot of things have to be considered. You should peel the cucumber so as not to carry any spray into the water.

2. Attachment

The cucumber should be given a handle, otherwise you will not be able to handle the trap in the morning. A spoon or a metal skewer is ideal. Under no circumstances should the cucumber be hung on a string or the like at the top of the tank. The snails would make their way back to freedom very quickly and they can survive well outside the water at least for a while.

3. Insert and remove

Similar to the ready-bought snail traps, the cucumber trap should not be inserted until the light has been switched off. It may be necessary to repeat the exercise several times every few days.

Tips & Tricks

Certain fish love snails, because you could smoothly use an additional pool for the snail breeding, to provide food supply. But like other useful fish, loaches are not as easy to hold as many other fish in the aquarium. For example, the loaches should not be considered as a pair, but only as a same-sex group.

Video Board: DIY Snail Trap