Mount snow catcher - this is the best way to do it

Year after year, snow on pitched roofs is a major threat to passers-by and parked cars. The snowhooks have proven to be the best in snow guard systems. How to mount it and what to look for, read here.

Before mounting, there are some things to consider

When it comes to a decision between snow catcher and snow guards, the hook is often the better solution. It holds the snow evenly and reliably prevents a sudden slipping of snow from the roof.

Unlike snow guards, there is no danger of icicles forming during thawing - which in turn can be dangerous.

However, it is important with snow catch hooks that always the right hook is used for the right tile type. Both must fit together, otherwise a professional assembly is not possible.

Calculation basics for quantity and mounting density

  • Total roof area
  • roof pitch
  • Snow load according to DIN
  • possible factors increasing the snow load

Expertise is needed

According to current safety regulations, installation should only be carried out by professionals - so you should at least have sufficient expertise.

Mount the snow catch hook - explained step by step

  • Snow catch in sufficient quantity
  • ladder
  • Safety material for intrinsic safety for roof work

1. Calculate the corresponding demand for snow catch hooks

Criteria for this are the roof pitch, the dimension of the roof area and the so-called snow load according to DIN.

Then determine at what intervals vertically and horizontally you want to mount the snow catch hooks. In the eaves area always a continuous row must be mounted.

Make sure that there is no storm protection for the roof tiles, which may make it impossible to install the snow catch hooks.

2. Setting up the ladder and intrinsic safety

Always make sure that high ladders have a secure footing and are always held securely by a second person. Falls from the roof or the ladder can be fatal!

In addition, when working on the roof you should always be adequately secured. There are corresponding security regulations that you should follow. Only when the intrinsic safety has taken place, may work be started.

3. Hook the snow catch hooks

The snow catch hooks can simply be hooked into the corresponding roof tiles. Check the tightness.

Tips & Tricks

When you get a new roof, it is best to have the snow catch hook mounted when you cover the roof. So you will not have any trouble with possible storm fuses later.

Video Board: How to Install Snow Guards - Snow Defender 4500 - A.B. Martin