Snow chains

snow chains

Snow chains: chains

When winter approaches, they are in demand: snow chains. As impressive as a white Christmas can be, so fast can the snowy landscape become a nightmare for the motorist. Smooth roads, spinning tires, and with a little bit of bad luck, there will soon be no progress at all. Pushing and pulling is very tedious; there it is better, the car by its own strength again safely on all fours ahead. Here, snow chains are essential, especially if you are traveling in areas known for their heavy snowfall. Mountainous locations such as Bavaria or Tyrol are predestined for high snowpacks and icy chutes. If you want to live in these areas or want to take a vacation with your car, then you will have to familiarize yourself with this tire jewelry: the snow chains.

Have fun and success with the home improvement information about the best snow chains in the test up to the videos for snow chains assembly.

The different snow chains types

Before you run into the next store in a panic to buy some snow chains before the unexpected winter breaks in, let me tell you that snow chains are not the same as snow chains. If you are new to this car accessory, consult your dealer rather than buying them on your own. Especially in terms of car model and tire size, the expert can help very well. Basically you distinguish between Drive chains and track chainsin which the drive chains are pulled onto the drive wheels of a vehicle and the track chains - logically - on the wheels of the steering axle. The chain sets that are suitable for your car will be largely a combination of drive chains and track chains. The working principle of snow chains is quite simple: friction and resistance are increased by the more edgy surface of the tire. The tire thus has a better grip in the snow, and some snow chains are designed to prevent the snow from seizing

Mount snow chains

Snow chains: chains

Put on snow chains, step 1

Snow chains: chains

Put on snow chains, step 2

Snow chains: chains

Put on snow chains, step 3

If you want to mount snow chains, you need a little practice at the beginning. But once the first fears of contact are overcome, then the snow chains assembly is almost as if by itself. How easy to put on and take off with modern snow chains can be seen in the following instructions:

In the following video there are some helpful tips and tricks for putting on and driving with snow chains. However, it should be noted that the number mentioned at the end only applies to Austria. The emergency call in Germany is still 110 or 112.

Snow chains for remote-controlled cars

Radio-controlled cars are not just a toy for small children. The model-making scene has long since specialized in remote-controlled copies for the adult craftsman, in which the functions of normal cars are modeled down to the last detail. From the powerful petrol engine up to fading down and headlights, the range of hobbyists, and an end of the true to detail passion is not in sight yet. The last cry: snow chains for remote-controlled cars! See in the following video how confidently the little runabout struts his snow chains through the snow:

Snow chains

Snow chains: chains

Attention! This road sign says: snow chains compulsory! (Pixel -

In certain areas, it may be required at certain times of the year or weather to equip the vehicle with appropriate snow chains. Therefore, the snow chain is not a kind of "winter luxury"But rather as an integral part of winter equipment. In urban lowland, such as in the north of the republic, snow chains are less used. Rural areas, however, where there is no heavy traffic and the snow can gather in peace, it makes sense to always have a set of snow chains ready when the temperatures fall. This may also be the case in northern and non-mountainous counties. For certain regions, the use of snow chains is regulated by law; Violations can be punished with high fines. But not only the law is sensitive to bare rubber tires: If you do not need the snow chains in extreme snow-heavy areas of the regulation, then the insurance can reduce the damage in the event of an accident.

Snow chains in the test

For snow chains, only quality should be bought, as this is ultimately about your safety. Before you get advice on the subject of snow chains, you can study relevant test results beforehand. As a layman, you can quickly find out which criteria are important for a snow chain and what you should look for when buying them. In addition, a consultation brings you more, if you have the previous knowledge from the Snow chains Test bring. Which snow chains have performed well in the test, for example, on the website of the ADAC. The snow chains presented there reveal a lot in the test: different prices, different degrees of difficulty in the assembly and above all different endnotes. Go through the list once and do not necessarily always be influenced by the price. Safety should always come first when choosing the right snow chain. You can also find the snow chains there in the test at RP-Online, because the online magazine presented the tested parts again. Maybe this article will help you too. If not, then there is the big snow chain test from Auto-Bild. He is not only worth reading, but also beautiful to look at with his richly stocked picture gallery.

Some points about snow chains use

Snow chains: snow

What exactly needs to be considered when creating and using the snow chains, is best taken from the assembly instructions of the respective manufacturer or specialist dealer. However, there are some general issues that are important in using all snow chains so that efficient use can be achieved with a sustainable mobility guarantee.

  • Best practice attaching the snow chains in the summer. If, instead, you are faced with the challenge in difficult winter conditions, you will find it difficult to get your tires chained up.
  • Check the space between the wheel arch and the tire and tighten the snow chains if necessary. Thus, you prevent scratches or even deeper damage to the sheet.
  • In order to get the snow chains completely around the tire, after the first attachment step a piece has to be driven on the chain, so that the chain can be completely put around the tire and tensioned.
  • With snow chains you can not give full throttle; the maximum speed limit is limited to 50 km / h in Germany. But once you have driven with snow chains, will quickly realize that a higher tempo does not provide good ride comfort.
  • Should it allow the space in the car, you should already carry your snow chains with you from autumn onwards. Should the snow surprise you then you can react promptly and appropriately on the way.
  • Vehicles with traction control (ASR) may not be able to fully exploit snow chains. The ASR usually prevents the tires from spinning, which makes driving on snow chains really effective, as the chain can only really grab through the "digging in". In this case, talk to the manufacturer and the dealer about how to proceed.

Snow chains for shoes

Snow chains: snow

Snow chains for shoes at Amazon

Snow chains are also available for shoes, and that is no joke. There are now a number well-known manufacturer for outdoor equipment, who developed a snow chain solution for shoes and launched appropriate Unifit models on the market. Take a look at the sample video on Youtube.

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