Tinker snowflakes and snow stars

Tinker Schneestern for the window decoration

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: snowflakes

In the wintry time a lot is made. Especially when the snow is missing again, there is a possibility with magical snowflakes and snow stars to bring the Christmas atmosphere to your home.

Below you will find Instructions on snowflakes and snowflakes, which are ideal as a window decoration.

We wish have fun crafting!


  • paper
  • pencil
  • Plate
  • scissors

Crafting instructions for a snow star

First, a circle is needed on the white (or differently colored) paper. We have for a plate to help.

The drawn circle can now be cut out.

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: snowflakes

Use a plate to record a circle

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: Tinker

Cut out the circle

The resulting circle is folded diagonally, half again...

... and the district again. Here you have to work very carefully, because the later poinsettia usually looks crooked and asymmetrical.

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: snow

Fold circle

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: snow

Fold the circle in triangles

The triangle is now Carefully cut with scissors, For this you start at the side with the semicircle.

The Pattern can be chosen freely. It is important that neither of the two straight sides is cut, as the Christmas star otherwise falls apart when unfolded.

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: Tinker

Cut the triangle

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: snowflakes

Carefully cut

The clipping becomes Carefully cut out. Difficult to reach places can be repaired with a nail scissors. Then you fold the paper gradually on.

That's how it is a beautiful poinsettia resembling an ice crystal. Placing several of these stars at the window creates a beautiful Christmas decoration.

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: snow

Carefully remove the cutout

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: snowflakes

Done is your poinsettia

Paper cut: making snowflakes and snowflakes

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: snow

The finished snowflake

Especially in winter, when the snow stops, it makes sense to design a suitable decoration for the interior and to tune in with the wintry-harmonic time.

A Alternative to the usual snowmen make snow stars and snowflakes, which you can easily make yourself. You can use it to decorate your windows and walls or use them as a table decoration.

In the following Step by step guide Learn how to make decorations for Christmas with a paper cut.


  • Origami paper or very thin craft paper (dimensions: 15x15 cm)
  • compasses
  • pencil
  • Scissors or cutter knives
  • ruler

As needed, you can for an additional decoration also use sequins, gems and / or glitter.

Crafting instructions for a snowflake

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: Tinker

Required materials

Step 1

For filigree snow stars and snowflakes use the paper cutting method. For very thin craft paper is particularly good, because it can be folded several times and then cut without troubles. Now set the compass to a radius of about 7cm and draw a circle on the paper that you cut out afterwards.

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: snowflakes

Fold the semicircle into three equal triangles

step 2

In the next step fold the circle once in the middle. Then the ice crystals are made by folding the half circles of the craft paper into three equal triangles.

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: stars

Record the shape of a snowflake

step 3

Now draw the shape of a snowflake. To do this, start at the narrow tip of the triangle and draw ramifications on the craft paper with a pencil. You can design the ramifications according to your ideas. To make sure they look the same, the ramifications on both sides should be in the same place as possible.

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: Tinker

Cut out the snowflake

Step 4

Subsequently cut out the contours along the pencil lines, Be careful not to cut the folded edges as the star will otherwise fall apart.

Tip: Especially difficult places can be easily cut out with a cutter knife.

Tinker snowflakes and snow stars: stars

Two finished snowflakes

Step 5

After all Carefully fold the snow star apart. If there are still a few places that you do not like yet, you can work with the cutter knife or scissors.


You can see your snow stars and snowflakes decorate in different ways. Apply a craft glue to a branch of your snowflake and then press the sequins firmly. After that, stick on the other branches and decorate them with sequins or gemstones. Alternatively, you can also apply glue to the whole snowflake and then sprinkle glitter over it.

Have fun crafting!

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