Snowmen made of wood

Stand and figures

Snowmen made of wood: guidance

Building a snowman is fun for children and adults alike.

But even in areas where hardly any snow falls in winter or he does not lie down, he decorates the houses as a winter decoration. If you want to give your guests a wintry welcome, build a snowman stand with wood.

Likewise, plywood can be used to make your own Christmas decorations with snowmen. All you need is a scroll or jigsaw and an idea of ​​what your character should look like.

Below you will find many different instructions for wooden snowmen as exhibitors or other figures

Snowman and snowmen as stand and figures

Christmas figures as edge stool

Construction manual with sketches for building Christmas edge stools: Santa Claus, angel and snowman. Free cutting pattern as a jigsaw template. The edge stools offer space for small gifts or sweets.

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Snowmen from logs

Small snowmen from wood scraps in different shapes and sizes - Simple crafting instructions

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Snowman made of chipboard

with knit sweater, hat and gloves. The ideal garden decoration.

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Christmas party: snowman, fir trees, Santa Claus and moose

Build and paint festive Christmas wooden displays with a jigsaw.

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Snowman in country style

Snowman with cowboy hat and buttons of colored wooden hearts. Winter wooden display with candle or tealight holder

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Wooden snowman on tile

Atmospheric winter light thanks to lit body by tealights

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Wood snowman with broom,

Ear warmers, scarf and gloves stapled with staples

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Snowball fight of snowmen

Illuminated wooden decoration with pompons as puffy snowballs. Decoupage saw, glitter, artificial snow

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Do you need snowballs?

Snowman as a snowball seller also suitable for beginners

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Snowman "Snowflakes for Sale"

Snowman as a wooden snowball seller - Winter welcome decoration for the front door or window

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Cute snowman

with illuminated Christmas tree in the snow provides winter atmosphere and light in the dark season

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Happy Lighted Snowman

1 meter snowman made of chipboard illuminated with fairy lights

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Chunky Snowman

Sturdy snowman with candy cane Instructions and template as PDF

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Snowmen: We Grow In Snow

Snowman in the wood flowerpot with scarf and plushy earmuffs

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Three Snow Buddies

Three simple friendly snow-scrapers to set up with instructions in five parts

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Melting snowman

Melting snowman - finish quickly before it melts!

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Happy Holidays Snowman

Great snowman with the best wishes for a beautiful Christmas season

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Corner Snowman

Snowman with hat and gloves for corners of picture frames etc. Unobstrusive, subtle winter decorations

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Snowman made of cardboard and wood

Snowman stand for the winter decoration on the door. - Crafting instructions

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Video Board: How to make a log snowman