Snow shovel and snow tub in comparison

Snow shovel and snow tub for winter service

Snow shovel and snow tub in comparison: comparison

A white winter landscape can be a wonderful, almost magical sight and mean fun for all ages. But building snowmen usually goes hand in hand with the fight against snow-covered driveways, paths and sidewalks.

The repetitive shoveling or prolonged pushing of snow stresses the muscles of the body - especially the back and neck. This can lead to unpleasant muscle tension. It is therefore important to choose the right tool for snow removal. When buying snow shovels, snow shovels and whisk, look for lightweight and ergonomically shaped products. Choosing the right equipment depends on the area and amount of snow that needs to be cleared.

We give tips and tricks for handling snow shovels on icy sidewalks.

The snow is coming - the work begins

When the first snowflakes fall, small children run enthusiastically outside while the parents look frustrated out of the window. After a wild snowdrift follows a strenuous snow clearing in front of the house and on the sidewalk.

For your own safety, the backyard and the driveway should be freed from snow. Fresh snow is much easier to clear than snow. With a single snow clearing is not enough: If the snow falls further, you have to shovel again after a few hours.

Snow shovels for the first snow

Snow shovel and snow tub in comparison: comparison

A snow shovel quickly clears the driveway of high snow.

The size snow shovel is suitable for clearing the paths or stairs in front of or to the house. An aluminum-reinforced blade edge makes it easier to bump in light icing. For example, many upgraded models have a practical coated airfoil that prevents snow from sticking to it.

A universal bucket, on the other hand, is well-suited to free snow-covered cars from snow-covered mountains or to clear paths in deep snow. Many blades weigh less than 500 grams and even float in the water. Durable aluminum blades guarantee a high breaking strength.

tip: Choose a hexagonal stem shape that always provides a firm grip. When wearing soft, warm gloves you slide much less down the stem and can work more purposefully and effectively.

Snow tub as a snow shovel

Snow shovel and snow tub in comparison: shovel

For larger areas such as the long walkway, the choice should fall on a light snow tub.

For larger areas, such as the backyard or the driveway, is an easy snow scoop the right choice. The sharp profile cuts the snow and the wide handle is attached in a special angle that guarantees easy maneuvering without additional muscle strain.

With the wide airfoil it is possible to clear most sidewalks in one go. This leaves more time for sledging!

tipEven if the snow looks nice on the driveway or in front of the garage, and rarely people enter it, you should still clear it before it gets thickened by heavy cars and gets extremely slippery. A subsequent snow removal is particularly tedious.

Six tips for back-friendly snow removal

Snow shovel and snow tub in comparison: shovel

Snow shaking goes on the bones. Make sure you have a good posture.

This keeps sore muscles and uncomfortable tension at a safe distance:

  1. Always adequate, warm winter clothes think before you venture outside.
  2. The muscles something before snow clearing heat up, Stretch and stretch in the warm interior.
  3. Use one shovelthat is appropriate for your height and height - not too heavy and not too long.
  4. Place yours Hands with some distance on the stem, to increase the leverage.
  5. Try the snow as much as possible push away instead of picking him up.
  6. If you need to lift the snow, then with the correct posture:
  • Just kneel down, straighten your back and do the movement out of your legs.
  • Only load small amounts of snow onto the shovel and do not hold the shovel with your arms outstretched while walking - this puts additional strain on the spine.
  • Do not throw the snow over your shoulder or sideways, as this may require a twisting motion and damage the spine if done incorrectly.

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