So bring your latex paint clean on the wall

Latex paints are very useful especially in heavily used wall areas, because they can be washed off with a damp cloth and even scrubbed. The light to strong shiny coating also looks very hygienic; cleanly painted results in an overall aesthetic image. But first, the wall needs a thorough preparation - and the painting should be carried out professionally.

Prepare the wall for the latex painting

The choice is yours: Would you like to apply your latex paint directly to the wall - or rather paper first and then paint? When using this paint is usually preferable to the wallpaper, since latex paint is not always paintable and easy to remove again.

Latex paints look particularly nice on textured surfaces, which also speaks for a wallpaper on the wall. Above all, the easy-to-install glass-fiber wallpapers have proved their worth. If you would rather paint the bare wall, you should ensure a smooth, dry and stable surface.

wall conditionpreparation method
Holes and cracksfill with plaster spatula
bumpsGrind with orbital sander
Dowels and nailspull out, fill holes
sanding plasterprime with primer
absorbent undergroundprime with primer
water stainsshut off with special coating
Niktotin or rustshut off with special coating

Paint latex on wall and wallpaper: That's how it works!

Now the actual painting is on. The painting of latex paint works very similar to the application of conventional emulsion paints, but with a slightly thinner consistency is expected.

Therefore, use a scraper and roll your paint roller just above the paint surface, so as not to be annoyed by dripping paint. Apply your latex paint thinly to the wall or wallpaper and evaluate the opacity after drying.

As with all other paintings, the following applies: Better to paint twice than once too thick! For too thick a job often creates scratches and runners that do not look good. Be sure to cover all spots with paint!

Tips & Tricks

Latex paints can also be tinted in color, so that they do not look so sterile white. Use the normal tinting colors for dispersion paints from the hardware store.

Video Board: How to Clean Painted Walls - Sherwin-Williams