How to connect your doorbell correctly: a guide

A functioning doorbell is an important element of a home, otherwise guests and parcel delivery may be unheard. In addition to the purely practical benefits most apartment owners still want a nice sound and possibly even an adjustment for more variety. If the old doorbell is defective or it scares the residents with a too shrill sound, there is an exchange. We'll tell you how to install a new door chime.

What does a bell system consist of?

A doorbell consists not only of the gong or the bell, but always includes a button with doorbell plate and a transformer that reduces the mains voltage.

Old bell systems often run with a voltage of 8 volts, while new doorbells usually need 15 volts. Therefore, it may be that you need to change the transformer when replacing the doorbell. The bell button must be preserved most of the time.

Which new doorbell should it be?

Doorbells come in many different price ranges, different designs and with a large selection of ringtones. If you are bored quickly, you decide to buy a model with several tones to choose from, then there is no need to buy a new bell soon.

If you want to install a lighted bell button, you will usually need an extra power cord for the lamp to make it work smoothly.

Install the new doorbell in 7 steps

  • screw
  • dowel
  • new bell
  • possibly new button
  • spirit level
  • screwdriver
  • voltage tester

1. Use of existing cables

Most homes already have a doorbell, so in this case you only need to replace existing devices. Use the existing cables and connections for this.

2. Switch off the fuse

Switch off the power for your bell system via the fuse box, this is for your safety. With a voltage tester, you check once again whether the cables are really no longer under power.

3. Remove old bell

Remove the old bell by opening the case, removing the power wiring, and loosening the screws that hold the device to the wall. In the same way, if you want, you can also remove the button.

4. Install new bell

Now open the housing of the new bell and screw the device to the wall. Use the best dowels for fixing. Align the element with a spirit level. Then you wire the bell to the electrical system.

5. Replace the transformer

In many cases, you will also need to replace and connect the transformer, this is the next step.

6. If necessary, connect a new button

Finally, if desired, connect a new bell button. For this, bend the bell wire to an eyelet.

7. Close all housing covers, turn on power

Now you can close the housing cover again and turn on the power. Try it, if everything works well.

Tips & Tricks

Even easier to install are radio bells that work with batteries. In this case, you only have to screw on the button outdoors, the doorbell itself is mobile.

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