This is how cork flooring is laid

Cork floors are available in two different types: cork flooring and cork boards for bonding. How to correctly lay your finished parquet and what to look for, read here.

Cork finish parquet - easy, fast and click

However: cork parquet is not suitable for rooms where it can be damp or wet, for kitchen and bathroom so other solutions ago.

You must also pay particular attention to compliance with the necessary expansion joints, as cork as a natural material works particularly strong and can expand greatly.

Step by step to the finished cork floor

  • cork parquet
  • sound insulation
  • Ev. Dampfsperrbahnen
  • distance blocks
  • ev. joint filler (cartridge goods)
  • jigsaw
  • tape measure
  • crowbar

1. Preparation

Make sure that the surface is sufficiently level and dry. If necessary, then lay the vapor barrier and then the sound insulation.

Cork vapor barriers are recommended because cork is sensitive to moisture, and the PE film reliably prevents moisture from rising from the ground, which could damage the cork lining. Store the cork at room temperature for at least 48 hours before starting. This is important.

2. Laying (floating) of cork floor with tongue and groove

Basically, cork flooring can be laid in exactly the same way as laminate - the same things apply as well - such as the attachment of spacer wedges at the edge and the clicking together of the tongue and groove joint and the displacement of the individual rows.

The expansion joint must be at least 1 cm here. That means you have to choose your baseboards accordingly.

3. Finish the floor

When all the rows are finished, you can mount the baseboards. Instead of using baseboards, you can use joint fillers instead, but be very sparing and work very precisely here. It is always better to work with door sills even in doorways instead of with joint filler.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to use a cork floor even in rooms with high humidity - such as bathroom and kitchen - you also have a possibility: use there the best fully glued cork boards with a suitable seal. So the appearance of their floors throughout the house remains uniform.

Video Board: How to install cork flooring