It's so easy to tile your walk-in shower

Required materials:

  • Floor tiles, ideally with anti-slip value 12
  • wall tiles
  • Bitumen paint or similar sealant
  • Tile adhesive, trowel, rubber mallet
  • tile cutter
  • grout
  • Jointing silicone or sanitary sealant

Step 1

First, you must waterproof the floor of the walk-in shower completely impermeable. If this seal is not done carefully, it can cause severe water damage. Apply the sealing material according to the manufacturer's instructions. For bituminous paint care should be taken that it is applied in several layers. The walls should also be sealed to a height of about 15 centimeters.

step 2

Now stir the tile adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions. You can also pre-cut individual tiles in advance, if necessary. Now, with the help of the trowel, apply a portion of tile adhesive to the floor, ideally at the rear right edge of the shower area. Smooth the adhesive with the serrated side of the trowel so that it is evenly distributed. Put the first tile on the wall and press the tile carefully, help with the rubber mallet. Make sure that the tile rests in all places. Proceed with other tiles as well. Pay attention to a suitable joint of about 3-5 mm width. At the end of the row of tiles, start from the right in the next row. It is especially important that they keep to the gradient. If this is not done carefully, the shower water will later spread throughout the room as there is no barrier. As a result of the resulting bumps, puddles can form when using the shower, which can lead to unsightly deposits and also feel unpleasant. After laying the floor tiles, apply the wall tiles.

It's so easy to tile your walk-in shower: shower

step 3

After you have glued all tiles, you should wait for the drying time of the glue. Then grout the wall joint with jointing silicone or sanitary sealant as well as the shower floor with grout. It's so easy to tile your walk-in shower!

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