So often is the painting at a wooden house recommended

Indoors, the interval of new paintings is a matter of taste and wear. Wood surfaces with visible grain and texture resist the usual traces of residential use longer than papered or painted stone walls. Opinions differ on the question of how often a wooden house is to be painted from the outside.

Patina can repaint completely

Generally, for the care of a wooden house, the personal taste is the deciding factor, as with all other buildings, objects and things. Modern, professionally constructed and properly constructed wooden houses must be painted as often or rarely as stone houses.

Repainting, which is necessary in addition to the primer coat, can even be dispensed with altogether if the right kind of wood has a natural self-protection. Woody plants such as the Nordic pine or larch but from the weathering a woody bluish mushroom. It forms a silvery gray patina, which makes painting superfluous from a structural point of view.

Orientation values ​​for paints

As a rule of thumb regarding the types of glazes, oils or colors used, the following intervals can be used. However, the significance of the ratio of the time periods to one another is more important than the actual time information. As rough guide values ​​apply:

  • Pigmented linseed oil every three to five years
  • Pigmented glaze every four to six years
  • Opaque paint painting every six to twelve years

Constructive wood protection

Of course, the initial state of the wooden house facade plays a crucial role. Measures of the so-called constructive wood protection are:

  • roofing protection
  • splash guard
  • Unplaned wood
  • Rapid water drainage through profiles and drip edges

All constructive protective measures extend the necessary strike intervals for wood preservation.

Additional external factors

Depending on the type of wood, frequent rain dampening can shorten the strike intervals on the weather side. A specific disadvantage of the wooden house is the incompatibility of UV light. Single high-quality trees have no problem, but most facades need to be protected. For this, however, gentle natural remedies such as shellac or wax balsam are available, which do not need to be renewed after a single order.

Tips & Tricks

Once you have decided to treat your wooden beams, you must repaint regularly according to the type of protection. You can only avoid the brushing of the exterior wooden beam if the façades are generally left untreated.

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