To prepare your waterbed for the move

You want to move with a waterbed? You have to pay attention to a few things so that nothing goes wrong. Here we explain step by step how to prepare your waterbed for the move.

If you do not prepare the waterbed properly for the move, the fleeces can slip in the water core, which leads to the unusability of the waterbed.
Therefore, making your waterbed ready for relocation as described below is extremely important:

Step-by-step instructions to prepare a waterbed for the move

  • vacuum pump
  • vinyl cleaner
  • cloth
  • towels
  • possibly extension hoses
  • rugs
  • Solid cardboard or box for packaging
  • screwdriver

1. Clean the mattress

To prevent dirt from rubbing between the folded mattress during migration, damaging the vinyl surface, you should clean the mattress thoroughly with vinyl cleaner and a rag before removing the waterbed (with water inside!). Then you should absolutely dry everything with towels, so that the mattress is not put together damp.

2. Pump off water

Using a vacuum pump, which you can borrow cheap in most waterbed specialist shops, pump off all the water. You may need an extension hose so that you can drain the water directly into a drain. The hoses and pumps must be properly cleaned and disinfected before use to prevent dirt from entering the mattress.

Pump until no more water comes out of the pump and the mattress lies flat on the base. Do not help by lifting the corners! So could the fleece slip.

3. Merge mattress

Once all the water has been pumped out of the mattress, roll the mattress from the headboard towards the foot end. Roll them evenly and in a controlled manner so that the fleece has no chance of slipping.

You can also fold the waterbed by folding both the head and foot ends towards the middle. Caution: Although the waterbed is now empty, it is still heavy because the fleece is wet. Therefore, it is better to do the collapsing or rolling together. Do not forget: if the fleece slips, your waterbed is gone.

4. Protect mattress

To protect the water mattress from bumps, dirt and other things, wrap it in a rug or the like for transport. When traveling in a moving van, it is also advisable to put it in a box or box to protect it from the effects of force.

5. Remove the substructure

With a screwdriver you can now disassemble the substructure. Place cardboard or blankets between items or pack them in a box to prevent scratches.

6. Build in the new apartment

Rebuild the substructure just as you have dismantled it and carefully roll out the mattress on it. Make sure they roll out the right way so you do not have to turn them over. Then refill water in the mattress.

Tips & Tricks

Many waterbed specialty shops offer a relocation service. Inquire about the prices and decide if you want to use such a service.

Video Board: how to fill a waterbed