How to renovate your semi-detached house

Does your semi-detached house defects such as mold, a renovation is necessary. In this article, you will learn what you should consider when renovating and how to save money.

When is a renovation necessary?

Every house comes at least once in the years: Not only wear, but often also defects such as the mold resulting from moisture are the result. If your semi-detached house has no superficial signs of use, but profound defects, renovation is inevitable.

Before you decide for or against a refurbishment, you should seek the help of an expert, for example from the TÜV. He is familiar with typical defects in the house and can tell you after a thorough investigation whether a renovation is necessary at all and if so, to what extent it has.

How to renovate your semi-detached house: semi-detached

Compare the providers

If you have opted for a refurbishment, you have the choice between various providers. Compare the different companies in terms of cost, competence and ratings of other customers. The more suppliers you compare with each other, the greater the chance of finding an equally fair and favorable offer.

If you have the expertise of an expert in hand, you can not fall for companies that only want to increase the size of their semi-detached house to earn more money. Because after all, you know the extent of your damage and do not have to rely blindly on the provider.

Do a renovation yourself?

The labor costs of professional refurbishment companies are often very high, which is why many homeowners ask the question: Can not I do a refurbishment myself? While minor damage can often be repaired on your own, you will need the following for major renovations:

  • Craft experience and skill
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the structure of your semi-detached house
  • Possibly the help of other people, for example your neighbor

Whether one's own contribution is possible or not depends on your individual case. Some refurbishment companies also offer refurbishment, where you can do some of the work yourself.

Tips & Tricks

Ask friends, acquaintances or neighbors for experiences around the topic of renovation. This may provide you with valuable advice that can make your plans much easier on your semi-detached home.

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