To hang an older sliding door

Old sliding doors usually have very simple suspension systems, which can also be found on many newer doors. To fix such a door, sometimes a posting is inevitable, but also a door exchange requires the expansion. We'll tell you how to turn the door off without much effort. Take a helper with you!

First step: uncover rolling system

The roll system is located at the top of the door, below is usually only a floor guide rail attached. So, to remove the sliding door, you first have to release the connection in the upper area.

There may be a need to first remove a board panel to gain access to the functional elements. Take a close look at the upper door area and disassemble everything that is in the way.

If another roll-up unit is to be installed below, also release it to be able to remove it. If the door only runs through a floor guide groove, it does not have to be removed.

Second step: Disassemble the rolling system

Now you can dismantle the top roller system: Loosen all the screws that connect the door leaf with the roller. Your assistant should hold the door firmly in the meantime.

Of course, you also have to unscrew a possible lower roll unit in order to then unhook the sliding door. Now lift the door leaf out of the guide rails and set it aside or place it on trestles for further processing.

For heavy doors, we recommend carrying the door leaf at least for two. This is especially true for glass, solid wood and metal doors, which bring a relatively high weight.

Unhook the sliding door and disassemble completely

To disassemble the entire door system, unscrew the top rail and bottom rail. Now you can install a new door with another system or simply close the holes with putty.

Tips & Tricks

Take a close look: sometimes screw heads hide under thick layers of paint and must first be scratched free.

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