Saw plywood clean

Plywood is a wonderful craft material, which was glued from several layers of wood material. The material hardly swells and shrinks and thus largely retains its degree. To create a new object made of plywood, a suitable cut is announced first. Often the edges fringe or the material tears down. How can you create clean sawn edges?

Cut the plywood neatly with the fretsaw

For smaller crafts, it is sufficient to use a fretsaw to saw through plywood cleanly. For this purpose, clamp a fine saw blade for wood, which is as sharp as possible.

Work with little pressure through the material, let the saw blade do the job. With patience and intuition you will be able to work out even finer outlines.

Finally, you have the opportunity to grind the edges clean with 120-grit sandpaper so that all saw marks disappear. This will create a clean work piece that you can then process further!

Plywood does not necessarily have to be sawn

Thin material of about 2 - 3 mm thickness can also be cut with the cutter. Again, patient, cautious work is needed, especially when it comes to detailed forms. That is how it goes:

  • For straight edges, cut along a cut-resistant ruler.
  • Carefully score the surface with medium pressure.
  • Work slowly and concentrated around curves.
  • Often, more than one cut is necessary until the cut.
  • Always stay in the same line until the plate is through.
  • You may also be able to carefully break the last of the rest.
  • Finally, sand the edges smooth with fine sandpaper.

Tips & Tricks

If you are using a circular saw for larger cuts, place a thin wooden board on top of your plywood for stabilization. So the saw cuts are much better!

Video Board: Perfect Cuts With A Circular Saw - 200