This is the best way to cut porcelain

Broken porcelain dishes may possibly still be used for other purposes, e.g. as a mosaic for a wall or as a decoration for a picture frame or similar For this you can either smash the porcelain with a hammer or cut it exactly. We explain how it works.

Hardness of porcelain

Due to the strong hardness of porcelain, there are not many tools that can cut porcelain. Porcelain has a hardness of 8. This is mainly due to the quartz content, because quartz alone has a hardness of 7. By comparison, copper has a thickness of 3 and iron a thickness of 4 (Mohs hardness scale). The high degree of hardness is also the reason that does not scratched porcelain dishes. Instead, black stripes may appear on the dishes: these strips are pieces of cutlery worn out by contact with the harder material.

Which material is suitable for cutting or sawing porcelain?

Due to the high degree of hardness, conventional saw discs are by no means suitable for cutting metal. The porcelain would rather destroy the Sägescheibe than the other way round. There are only two materials that are harder on the Mohs hardness scale than porcelain: sapphire and diamond. Therefore, you need a diamond-covered disc for cutting porcelain.

Step-by-step instructions for cutting or sawing porcelain

  • Cutter with diamond disc
  • gloves

1. Mark the interface

Before you start cutting, you should mark with a water-soluble pen, where you want to cut later. Small impurities can not be properly bent on porcelain again. Therefore, good planning before cutting is very beneficial.

2. The right workplace

You should definitely use a solid base for cutting. It is best if you can additionally fix the piece of porcelain, so that it can not slippage under any circumstances.

3. The cut

Now saw once in a train along your mark along. Do not go over the same place several times! You should wear gloves while working to protect yourself from fine porcelain splinters.

4. Cancel

If the porcelain is not cut through completely, you can simply break it off along the cut.

5. Grinding

If the edge is too rough or sharp, you can sand it off with special sandpaper. How you do it exactly, you will learn here.

Tips & Tricks

Learn here how to repair broken porcelain.

Video Board: How to Cut Porcelain Tile-using an angle grinder