How to build wooden furniture yourself - the tips

Homemade wooden furniture is unique and therefore much more valuable than the material from which it was built. You do not need a joinery for furniture making. Start in your basement with an uncomplicated piece.

Therefore build yourself

Home-built furniture has many advantages. They can be adapted exactly to the personal style of living. Their functionality corresponds exactly to the needs of their users. Self-builders also have free choice in the materials used. Furniture making means fun and enjoyment for passionate DIY enthusiasts. The finished piece of furniture makes you proud and satisfied.

collect ideas

On the Internet, you will find numerous instructions and blueprints for the furniture industry. From simple utility furniture to intricate design objects, all difficulty levels are represented. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can change your plans according to your wishes. Be inspired in addition to furniture stores or design your own model.

To plan

A self-built piece of furniture can be adapted to the spatial conditions of your home. Measure the future location exactly and note which furniture already stands to the right and left of it. How to create a harmonious overall picture. When planning, consider possible special requests, such as the height of a desk. Here you can implement everything that "off-the-rack" furniture does not offer. Make a sketch of the piece of furniture and enter the already measured heights, widths and depths. If you want to install shelves or the like, draw them in as well.

  • Folding rule or tape measure
  • saw
  • drilling machine
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • abrasive
  • Nails and screws
  • wooden dowels
  • wood glue

wood Collection

Depending on your experience as a hobby carpenter and the usage of your piece of furniture you buy the right wood. For a beginner or practice piece you should choose a cheap wood. If you have taken accurate measurements and know what formats the items must have, you can have the wood cut to size when you buy them. If you are inexperienced in wood processing, you will also be advised here on the right choice of wood.

Pallets and other building material

Wooden pallets are now being built into beds, seating and shelves. With little use of materials, even beginners can easily realize their living ideas. Other materials such as discarded wooden ladders, wine crates or metal trays offer simple ways to transform into wardrobes, wall shelves or side tables.

Tips & Tricks

Up to now unused corners and niches are ideal for the installation of a self-made shelf or desk. There is hardly a suitable object in the furniture store for this. The self-made construction is adapted exactly to measure and is the perfect solution for smaller rooms.

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