So you can change your doorbell tone

Not every doorbell sounds good, sometimes you can not hear the sound after months or years. In some cases, the neighbor has the same bell, which can lead to some misinterpretations. Another sound has to come from here, but how can the ringing sound be changed? Read the different possibilities here.

Change the doorbell tone if the doorbell is too shrill

Too shrill bell, which can not be quieter, can really strain the nerves. In a rented apartment you can not just install a new system with a quieter sound, but there is a secret recipe:

Cut a sticking plaster, open the lid of the bell, and stick the plaster on the blade or gong. Position it so that it has a sound-absorbing effect.

Then try out what your bell sounds like now. If the sound is still too shrill, a bigger patch will have to swallow more noise. That's how easy you have changed your doorbell tone!

Set a different tone or melody

Not every doorbell has the function of being able to change its ringtone, but some models come with this handy extra. If you do not see any switching on the case, open the lid to the bell.

Inside your system may be a button or switch to find the ringtone can be reset. Just try it, maybe the problem is already solved!

Install a new bell system

In the worst case, you need to buy a new system if you want to change your doorbell tone. The replacement is relatively easy to accomplish by hand, turn off in any case, the associated backup.

A bell system costs from about 10 EUR upwards, so it means no big investment, if you have no special requirements. Of course, you can also buy a fancy new bell for 100 EUR and more, whose ringtone can be adjusted safely.

Tips & Tricks

Also recommended are radio bells that do not need to be mounted and work with battery or power plug.

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