So you can cut mineral wool

Mineral wool is a good to process and very effective insulation material. The only problem is when mineral wool has to be cut to the right length. That requires the right tool - and some safeguards for your own health. What to look for when cutting mineral wool, you can find out here.

Background information

Dust and fine fibers of mineral wool, rock wool and glass wool are very harmful to health. When processing entire slabs, only very few fibers are generated, but all the more when cutting. The first precaution is the protection of your own health.

When working with mineral wool, glass wool or rock wool, and especially when cutting, dust mask, goggles, gloves and a disposable one-piece overall should be worn in order to avoid skin, eye and lung damage from the dust or the very fine fibers.

The right cutting tool

Mineral wool is most easily cut with a so-called insulation knife. If there is not one at hand, a serrated bread knife will do a good job as well, something less easy with cutters or household scissors. Special insulation cutting machines and special cutting tools are available especially for professional use on construction sites.

Step-by-step instructions: Cutting mineral wool

  • mineral wool
  • solid base
  • Insulation knife or alternative device
  • Straight rail or long spirit level
  • tape measure

1. Personal protective equipment

The protective equipment should be worn during all work with insulating material, until the insulating layer is closed and the construction site cleaned, in order to prevent itching, skin and eye irritation or lung damage.

2. Measure and hang up

As in all other areas, before cutting to length, of course, is an exact measurement. Since mineral wool must be tailored as accurately as possible, that's important. Then mark the cut edge and lay it out on a hard surface.

3. Cutting the mineral wool

Carefully make a quick cut along a rail or spirit level using the device available. Sashes cut up a lot of dust and small fibers, and should therefore be avoided.

Tips & Tricks

Many home improvement professionals swear by a jagged household electric knife when it comes to trimming mineral wool. It's almost as handy as the professional cutters.

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