How to sand your wooden furniture - the best techniques

Grinding work on wooden furniture can be done by hand. The electric grinder makes things faster and easier. They are suitable for smooth, large surfaces. Valuable pieces of furniture demand careful handwork. All techniques cause a lot of dust.

Hand grinding needs muscle power

Grinding by hand is best controlled and metered. If you want to gently grind a piece of furniture, use this technique. Here you decide step by step on the best tool and the right grain size of the abrasive. The hand sanding needs a lot of patience in addition to the necessary muscle power. A specially crafted favorite piece, wood veneers and antique furniture are certainly worth the effort.

Hand sanding tools

  • Sandpaper in different grain sizes
  • Sanding block or sanding block
  • Hand grinder with handle
  • Sanding sponge for rounded and curved surfaces
  • Steel wool for protrusions and rounding
  • Brush, cloths for dust removal
  • possibly vacuum cleaner for extracting sanding dust

Electric grinding

For a quick cut, select a belt sander. With an endless sandpaper band, he works the wood in the direction of the grain. Circular movements must be avoided so that no squiggles appear in the wood image. An orbital sander can not only grind. With a soft attachment, you can use this device in addition to polishing the wood surfaces. Delta sander or corner grinder reach the corners thanks to their shape. This also succeeds a fine grinding. Also suitable for fine grinding is the orbital sander. It achieves only a small amount of material and should therefore only be used for fine sanding. Depending on the article, so-called multitools can perform well in all work areas. They replace the purchase of many different devices.

Right pressure

Excessive pressure on the sander and the wood can cause scratches and notches on the wood surface. Electrical devices develop great heat under pressure, which can damage the device. With manual grinding, you dose the pressure depending on the substrate. Electric grinders have a sufficiently high dead weight and need no additional pressure from the outside.

Tips & Tricks

The strong dust during grinding requires the wearing of respiratory protection and goggles. For the electric grinders, there are suction devices that extract the dust as it forms. During the grinding work, you should always ensure good ventilation of the working space.

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