So you can increase your loft bed

Your bunk bed is too low for you and you would like to have it a few inches higher? Or your child has grown and no longer fits standing under the loft bed? Is it possible to just raise such a loft bed? We explain the possibilities.

Raise the post

You can increase loft beds relatively easily, but you should pay attention to the static: If the bed has rather thin legs, you should better not increase it with this method. However, if it has stable legs, you can do the following:

At the hardware store, buy 4 squared timbers that match the width of the bedposts.

You can simply screw them under the existing bed posts with double-sided screws.

In addition, it is best to screw several connecting plates to each leg.

Then you can paint the bed to cover up the increase.

Exchange posts

Alternatively, you can simply replace the four posts with longer ones. This also ensures more stability and you can also replace thinner posts with stronger ones.

Tips & Tricks

Here's how to increase your normal size bed, for example To achieve a comfort level that facilitates getting on and off.

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