So you can increase your mattress

A higher mattress makes it easier to get in and out of bed and is therefore a relief especially for seniors or people with back problems. Find out here how to increase your bed or mattress.

Partially increase mattress

If you have a cold, it feels comfortable, if the head and chest are a little higher. But not all slats can be adjusted accordingly. But there are other ways to increase the headboard of the bed:

  • Put one or more tightly rolled towels under the mattress. Make sure that the towels are resting at the head of the bed.
  • Place files or thick books under the mattress at the headboard. If you are laying several books lengthwise, make sure they are the same height.
  • Increase the entire head bed by placing old books, wooden blocks or other hard materials under the feet of the headboard. Make sure that both sides are the same height, so that the bed does not wobble and make sure that the aids can not slip. Use only books that are not valuable to you, because they will certainly be affected.

What to do if the bed or mattress is too low?

Even if you want to increase the overall height of your bed or mattress, you have two options:

  • You can increase the bed frame by raising your feet higher with wooden blocks.
  • You can increase the mattress by several centimeters by placing a mattress topper on it.

Increase bed frame

If you want to increase your bed frame permanently, it is advisable to buy in the hardware store four equally high blocks or strips (bed frame without feet) and to attach them under the feet or the strips of the bed frame. You can glue, nail or bolt them. It is important to ensure a secure fit.


With a mattress pad you can increase your mattress by a few centimeters. In addition, a mattress topper, also known as a topper, offers further advantages:

  • It protects the mattress from dirt and moisture
  • You can slightly correct the degree of hardness of your mattress by Choose a mattress topper with a higher degree of hardness.

Tips & Tricks

From a couch height of 50cm we speak of comfort height or senior level. The boarding and boarding is greatly facilitated at this altitude.

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