This allows you to lay and secure corrugated sheets properly

To lay corrugated sheets properly, you need a suitable substructure. Only with this you can easily mount and fasten the plates. Read more about the corrugated sheets and their correct attachment in this article.

A few words about the right substructure for the corrugated sheets

The substructure should have some important characteristics, including the following:

  • Only use distortion-free wood or metal for the construction of the substructure.
  • This does not apply to the crossbars, which should be placed at intervals of between 50 and 80 centimeters.
  • To avoid heat build-up, it is best to paint the top of the substructure white to reflect the light.
  • Pay attention to a suitable roof pitch. This should be around 10 degrees.

The assembly and fixing of the corrugated sheets

When mounting and subsequently fixing the corrugated sheets, proceed in such a way that you first lay one or two sheets and screw them together at a few points so that they can no longer slip. Pay attention to which side of the roof you are laying. Always lay the boards against the weather side. This ensures that even in strong wind or rain, no water can be pushed under the overlap between the corrugated sheets. About the screws themselves: It is best to use so-called tinsmith screws. These have integrated sealing washers. So you can fix the corrugated sheets in one operation and seal the attachment points. In addition, the screws are protected against corrosion.

Further information on mounting and fixing the corrugated sheets

When drilling the necessary screw holes, it is best to use a conical drill bit that is a few millimeters larger in diameter than the screws. As a result, the corrugated sheets are given the opportunity to expand or contract sufficiently, even at high temperature differences, without tearing at the drill hole. Also important: When moving on the roof, it is best to place a screed on it to spread your weight as evenly as possible. Once the first plates have been attached, you can continue with the other copies. At the end of the roof, make sure that the ends are flush. Cut the corrugated sheets accordingly beforehand. Another important note: only drill the mounting holes on the wave crest.

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