So you can easily lay paving slabs in the garden

Pavement slabs are an easy way to build garden paths or to create a usable area in a garden. With the right tools and the right materials you can do this work yourself and create new ways.

Lay sidewalk slabs for a wide variety of applications

With the right panels and the right laying technique, paving slabs will be a beautiful sight for many years to come. So what are the arguments against laying them in the garden? Garden paths serve many purposes. On the one hand, they are useful devices for getting from one place to another with dry feet. On the other hand, they can also represent decorative garden elements, especially if they are high-quality paving slabs that are used here. But it is important that you regularly maintain or even impregnate the walkway slabs laid in the garden. Before working, note a few important hints:

  • Careful planning will save you unnecessary re-buying of materials or unnecessary surplus.
  • It's best to draw your planned walkway on site. Of course, the same applies if you want to get an area made of paving slabs.

The further steps and their implementation

Once the planning work has been completed, the soil must first be dug under the future walkway or paving slabs. Do not underestimate this work, because under certain circumstances a few centimeters of earth have to be excavated. Then you have to apply a layer of sand on the leveled surface followed by a layer of coarse gravel. This is followed by a layer of fine grit, which must be additionally compacted. It is best to use a heavy vibrator. Before the pavement slabs are laid, you can lay a so-called weed fleece if required. Make sure that it covers the entire surface and does not wrinkle. At the beginnings this may also overlap a few inches.

The sidewalk tiles follow at the end

Now follow the sidewalk slabs, which should be laid in exactly maintained rows. Be especially careful to tap each plate with a rubber mallet. Keep in mind that you should be very careful about this, including the level of each plate.

Product Image: Ken Schulze / Shutterstock

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