How to open a wine bottle without corkscrew!

Who does not know him, the cool construction worker, who just lifts his beer bottle with the lighter or the edge of the table? Maybe he would fail at a wine bottle, but not because it is particularly difficult to open, but because he needs quite different tricks. Learn how to get your delicious grape juice, even if no corkscrew is available!

Different methods of how to open the wine without corkscrew

Just below us: With the teeth you will not get the bottle on - and of course it does not help to herauszupulen the cork with the fingernails in individual pieces. A little bit of tools will be needed for your project, but most of it is easy to get.

We present you several different methods, because of course each household is equipped differently. It can also happen that you are not within reach of your apartment at all, if you have a closed wine bottle in your fingers: That's why it is worthwhile to be able to react as flexibly as possible.

Use a screw hook

You know this type of hook, which are equipped with a screw thread at one end? For example, you can hang bicycles on the wall. If you have such a screw hook, that's half the battle!

  • Turn the threaded side into the cork.
  • Be careful.
  • Try if the hook is really stuck.
  • Now turn and pull on the hook at the same time.
  • Move the cork out of the wine bottle.

Done! You may feel sweat on your forehead, but you actually opened the wine bottle without a corkscrew. Now you can have a good sip of wine!

Working with hammer and nails

These utensils are ready on every construction site, and they should not be missing out on normal average households either: hammer and nails should always be ready to use, even when it comes to opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

  • Use four slightly longer, thin nails.
  • Gently beat them in a row on the cork.
  • Turn the hammer around.
  • Hook the hammer claw on the nails.
  • Pull the cork out with a gentle twisting motion.

As you can see, opening a wine bottle is also possible without a bottle opener! All it takes is quite simple accessories - and a little well-dosed force. Bottom up!

Insert screwdriver, screw and pliers

This variant of opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew is basically a combination of the previous two methods. Screwing in and pulling out is the motto!

  • Use a screw with the largest possible head.
  • Use the screwdriver to turn the screw into the cork.
  • Let the screw head stick out about 10 mm.
  • Grasp the screw head with the pliers.
  • Pull out the cork under careful turns.

The principle is clear: you need some stuck anchor to get the cork. And of course, enough gripping surface or a gripping tool to transport it then directly on the way out!

Use the blowtorch

However, this solution sets itself apart from the previous one: both the anchor and the gripping tool are missing. The cork is transported by heating from the bottleneck! Admit, in the end you have to pull it out by hand.

  • Wrap a towel around the wine bottle for safety.
  • Hold the bottle just above the towel.
  • Turn on the blowtorch.
  • Heat the bottleneck just below the cork.
  • Keep about 20 cm between the flame and the glass.
  • The cork is gradually pushed upwards.
  • Once you can grab it safely, pull it out.

Well, the whole thing is not completely harmless, so you should be extremely careful. But the effort is kept in the soldering lamp method, after all, within narrow limits.

To bring out corks by knocking

Can you really knock a wine cork out? The answer is yes, with a bit of luck and some tact! After all, you do not want to break the glass.

  • Put the wine bottle in a shoe.
  • Tap the "shod" bottle bottom against a wall.
  • Repeat this until the cork comes out.
  • Now you can pull out the closure by hand.

If you overcame the wine thirst in the open air, for example with a hearty campfire, you can use a tree instead of a wall. The shoe, however, must be, so that the bottle does not break!

A knife as a corkscrew replacement

Even a commercially available pocket or kitchen knife can help to open the wine bottle completely without corkscrew. However, the blade must be so narrow that it fits easily into the neck of the bottle.

  • Drill the knife deep into the cork.
  • Turn it around carefully.
  • While turning, pull the cork upwards with pressure.
  • If the cork is about 1 cm out, pull it out with your fingers.

This is probably not the easiest option, because it requires a bit of tact. A knife blade now has neither a thread nor barbs to hold the cork properly.

Even a key can help!

Everyone owns a keychain, so organizing this "special tool" at short notice should not be a problem. However, we must say at this point that it is probably even more difficult with a key than with the knife to actually open the bottle.

  • Use a sturdy key with a long beard.
  • Insert the key bit diagonally from above into the cork.
  • Turn the cork back and forth a little.
  • Gently pry it out of the neck of the bottle.
  • You may have to turn it a few times in between.

Did it work out? Congratulations, then you have truly done well! If not, then maybe a little bit of practice will help in the future.

Hot water at the bottleneck

Basically, this method works "by itself", but it requires patience and not even a little water. If you like, you can try it!

  • Turn on the hot water at the tap.
  • Hold the wine bottle under the running hot water.
  • It can take up to 10 minutes!
  • At some point, the cork pushes a little way out.
  • Grab it and pull it out.

Unfortunately, this procedure heats not only the bottle but also the wine. If in doubt, then put the good drop in the refrigerator after that, to bring it back to a tasty temperature.

Emergency solution: Push the cork into the bottle

You have a great wine thirst and just can not get the cork out of the bottle, so completely without corkscrew? Then only one thing will help: move the shutter in the other direction, into the bottle!

  • Take a long, stable object to hand.
  • Put your tool on top of the cork from above.
  • Gently push the closure down, but with force.

Note: In this variant, the wine could splash - or maybe the cork crumbles, leaving its mark on the wine. Fortunately, clothes can be washed, and the wine can be poured through a fine strainer, so that nothing stands in the way of enjoyment.

But a small disadvantage remains: An opened wine bottle can not be closed with the same cork, which is namely over. Luckily, there are a few other ways to get the bottle tight again.

Conclusion: the thirst always wins!

We are sure that at least one of these methods will work for you, after all, you have a particularly strong motivator: your thirst - or the thirst of your guests! First, try out the variant that seems spontaneously likeable to you.

The chances stand out that the first opening procedure works the same. If not, you still have eight more chances to get your grape juice. In the worst case, just ask your neighbor for a corkscrew - and at the same time invite him to a glass of wine!

Tips & Tricks

A wine bottle with screw cap makes your job easier! For a long time there have been real drops in quality without buying the obligatory cork, although in this respect there is still a real "religious war" between the various wine connoisseur camps.

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