How to protect your own four walls optimally

In the face of an increasing number of burglaries and thefts, the protection of one's own living environment against such harmful acts becomes more and more important.

Both owners of houses and owners of apartments are therefore increasingly interested in mechanical and electronic security devices prevent or at least complicate the possible acts of abatement that the perpetrators cancel the further execution of their burglary or by a successful alarm of police or security forces to the task of the plan.

Advice is the most important thing

Anyone who decides to effectively protect their property should seek professional advice from state-of-the-art security technology. These include, for example, the Lupus Electronics GmbH, whose online shop offers a wide range of solutions for burglary protection. Here you will not only find a complete range of professional security technology from high-quality individual elements such as video cameras, motion detectors and recording technology to completely configured security systems, which are also available as cost-effective complete solutions that can be supplemented or extended later. At there is also the right technology, including competent advice based on many years of experience, which meets your individual needs and takes into account the layout of your rooms to be secured.

The best safeguards for your home

The basis of a systematic safety equipment for closed rooms is the optimal protection of endangered areas such as windows, doors, cellar shafts and skylights. It is also important to secure larger glazed areas in entrance zones, terraces and conservatories. For new buildings and extensive renovations, it depends on the selection of components with the highest possible resistance class. Laminated safety glass or bulletproof glass in windows, glass doors and other glazed areas are a good choice.

Existing windows, doors and roller shutters can be retrofitted relatively inexpensively with mechanical security elements. Thus, there are burglary-resistant window fittings with mushroom-headed pins and closing parts as well as beam, cross bar and box locks as subsequent door locks as well as complex protective devices for single shutters and entire shutter systems. Increasingly important are electronic security systems, which consist of several, coordinated components. This includes in particular

  • an IP wireless alarm system with access via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Video cameras as needed according to the spatial conditions
  • Sensors for cameras and motion detectors according to a placement plan for all rooms
  • Recording technology (long-term recorders or PC cards)
  • Burglary or robbery alarm systems, possibly with connection to a security company.

Often there are package solutions that allow the purchase of a complete video security system at advantageous conditions. It should be ensured that the system later allows a configuration with other components. When selecting the cameras, it depends on the intended function and the location. There are permanently installed and swiveling devices, weatherproof cameras for outdoor use, daylight cameras and night vision-capable devices as well as wired or radio-controlled devices.

Effective safety technology for all requirements

If you want to effectively protect your own four walls, a professional supplier such as can provide advice tailored to your requirements, which effectively interacts with mechanical and electronic security elements.

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