This is how you can work up your own cabinet

An old cabinet does not always have to be equal to the bulky waste. With a bit of work, you can work it up to make it look like new again. What is possible, we have put together for you below.

The process of work-up

There are several steps involved in refurbishing a cabinet, with a certain order in it.

1. First, old paint layers should be thoroughly removed.

2. In a second step, the cabinet should be stabilized.

3. Finally, the cabinet is repainted, painted and - if desired - decorated.

What can be worked up?

Below, we have summarized for you what refurbishments you can do to your cabinet. Find out more by clicking on the links to the instructions.

  • Old paints, varnishes or glazes can be sanded down using sandpaper or a sanding machine (instructions: here). Alternatively, stains can be used on most surfaces. The use of stain considerably facilitates the detachment of the paint. However, a few precautions must be taken. What are these and how to proceed step by step, you will learn in this article: Pickle cabinet.
  • If the cabinet is no longer very stable, warped or wobbly, you should tighten the screws or possibly add a few extra screws or nails. For more tips on how to align your cabinet, click here.
  • Warped doors can usually be adjusted as described in this article.
  • If the old paint is removed, you can repaint or paint the cabinet.
  • Particularly popular and fitting to older cabinets is the Shabby look: Here is a worn-out appearance by partially grinding the color tells. How to create this look step by step, we explain in this guide: Paint cabinet in Shabby look.
  • Alternatively, you can varnish or grow the cabinet.
  • If you do not want to do the job of removing the old paint from the closet, you can foil it or paper it instead.
  • Find out here how to beautify your wardrobe, so that it is a real eye-catcher.

Tips & Tricks

If the old paint sticks very stubbornly to the cabinet, you can take it to a specialist for leaching. What exactly happens during the leaching, we explain in this post.

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