So you can send your couch to another place

Even bulky items can be sent from one place to another, that's no problem. However, the dispatch of larger pieces of furniture is so complex that it is associated with correspondingly high costs. So if you have sold your couch to someone living far away, you will need to charge a shipping surcharge that is usually over $ 100.

Who takes over the dispatch of my couch?

Of course, you can not simply take your sofa to the next post office with a stamp, which would overwhelm even the most dedicated parcel service. It is better to contact a forwarding company experienced in this field.

Corresponding companies can be found on the Internet, but look carefully to what extent they have been established in the market for some time and are really serious!

On the safe path: How to send your couch

In general, there is the possibility to first obtain a quote for sending a piece of furniture. To do this, you give the dimensions of your couch to the freight forwarder, possibly add a photo and also tell us from where to where the transport should take place.

The actual booking of the transport takes place by telephone or e-mail, and that is, if you agree with both the price and the other conditions. In any case, explore after the insurance in case of loss or damage!

The shipping company will now arrange a fixed appointment with you when you pick up the couch at your place. You do not usually have to carry the sofa yourself.

If I send my couch, do I have to pack it?

The details of the shipment are best discussed with the customer service of your chosen carrier. Most of the time, employees accept the shipping goods unpacked and protect them accordingly with blankets or foils.

For a special packaging is usually required an additional fee, but this investment is worthwhile if it is a particularly high-quality couch. This ensures that not a single stain settles on the good upholstery.

Send couch: You should pay attention to this!

  • select reputable forwarding agency with experience and good ratings
  • make a personal estimate
  • Clarify insurance conditions
  • Ask for type of packaging and any fees
  • fixed date to pick up
  • hand over written delivery confirmation

Tips & Tricks

Define all conditions in writing so that you have all contract data in case of doubt.

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